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Hi all,

I've been looking online to see if I can find any alternatives to the N Peal Commando jumper. I have seen an alternative from "Outdoor Knitwear", but it doesn't have the boat neck (https://www.outdoorknitwear.com/crew-ne … ;results=1)

However I have found a site in the US who has the boat neck with draw string (I can't say I am a fan with the draw string but it is true to the historical design). Material seems "OK", but it does have the aesthetic minus the navy (is Khaki)

https://onlinemilitaria.net/products/10 … o-Sweater/


Re: N Peal Alternative Commando Jumper

Does it come in or are they willing to do it in blue?  I have the Outdoor Knitwear version and I like it and have worn it quite a bit, beside the neck being different, the other thing that is different is that the elbow patches are oval rather than rectangle, looks like this is in between the two.


Re: N Peal Alternative Commando Jumper

What Price Glory is a good site and they actually ship lots of their stuff from the UAE. Customer service has been top notch in my experience.

As far as an alternative sweater goes, my rec is Outdoor Knitwear's 'Bond' as well. I have it in navy and the 1945 in black. I'm not a fan of the boat neck anyway, so OK's original design hits all the marks for me.

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