Topic: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1.Sean Connery
2.Pierce Brosnan
3.Timothy Dalton
4.Roger Moore
5.George Lazenby

I liked em all but some just were better.
Still Lazneby deserved another chance.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

This is very hard as I am a fan of all of them.

1. Sean Connery
2. Pierce Brosnan
3. Roger Moore
4. Tim Dalton
5. George Lazenby

Please note that I would still rate Lazenby 8/10, but in comparison to the others I have to say that he is my least fave.

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Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Not to burst your bubble but I do believe that there is a similiar thread for this already...not to mention countless derivations of it to boot. Welcome to the boards. ajb007/smile

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Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Still, worth saying again:  ajb007/smile

1) Connery
2) Brosnan
3) Moore
4) Dalton
5) Lazenby


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Argh...this is tough....

1) Sean Connery 10/10
2) Timothy Dalton 9/10
2) Pierce Brosnan 9/10
4) Roger Moore 7/10
5) George Lazenby 6/10


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

How about a little discussion? Lists are so boring...;)

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Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

I quite agree, Alex. A list without any commentaries to back it up is as incomplete as George Lazenby's tenure as 007. In other words, not enough.
And lets clear something up double-fast: there is no "worst" Bond. All five gentlemen have been quite wonderful...with varying degrees, of course.

1) Sean Connery- The Man. The total package and more. Terence Young, when asked to account for the success of the series, replied:"Sean Connery , Sean Connery, Sean Connery."  "Nuff said.

2) Timothy Dalton- Daltonites of the world, unite! Dalton will be appreciated by future generations of Bond-fans as not only the most authentic Fleming Bond but the only actor of the five who had the guts to make his 007 slightly unlikeable. Mean, moody and magnificent.

3) Roger Moore- Good ol' Roger. I must admit, as the years have passed , my appreciation for Roger has increased. Oh sure, the flaws are evident (a bit too flippant, the least tough of the five etc.), but Roger represents a dying breed of  Bond leading man: effortlessly charming with a twinkle in the eye...and a healthy touch of ruthlessness. The Bond who looks like he's having the most fun, Roger's  007 is the Bond that future fans will regard with child-like delight, both of Moore and an era when spectacular entertainment meant just that. The only Bond who dared to not take the character seriously, Roger's light touch  set a standard for pure fun that the series sometimes forgets.

4) George Lazenby- As an old-time action fan, Lazenby's refusal to do more Bonds, is the single biggest action heartbreak of the series, for the simple reason that OHMSS should have been the first of a string of electrifying action films throughout the 70's. Kudos to first-timer George for a performance that even the more experienced Bonds would have found  a challenge.

5) Pierce Brosnan- Despite initial misgivings, I came to the realization that Brosnan was a terrific 007 in Goldeneye. The last three filns have been hit-and-miss affairs but Pierce is, as always, better than fine, and in TWINE gives a 007 performance thats as good as any in the series. Undermined by some shaky scripts,(Purvis and Wade, anyone?) Pierce is the Bond that has kept the flame alive. Its too bad his send-off had to be DAD.

20 films...5 actors...the five faces of Bond...and this is just the end of the first volume of the Bond saga (with many volumes to come). Long live, 007!

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Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1) Sean Connery-The first Bond, he set the standard for Bonds to come. Not to mention he was just awesome as 007.

2) Timothy Dalton-I've always felt that Dalton deserved more credit for his movies, especially License to Kill. The way he portrayed Bond was more realistic than the others and gave 007 a human element. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance as Bond.

3) George Lazenby-Although I never like OHMSS aside from its theme song, I have to admit that it must have been tough for him to fill the shoes of Sir Sean. He never stuck around long enough for me to like his style, but I think that given the chance he would have made a great Bond.

4) Roger Moore-He always seemed rather silly and foppish as Bond. I've started to enjoy some of his movies as I've watched them over the years, but he just can't compare to Sean and Tim.

5) Pierce Brosnan-Pierce Brosnan is a good actor. The problem with his Bond films was that they suffered from too much action and too little plot. I think his best performance would be EoN (if it was made into a movie).


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Sean Connery--the definitive Bond. Believable as a killer and also playboy. You believe that he knows his way around a casino.

Timothy Dalton- a gritty edgier Bond. Would be held in higher regard if he had been able to make even a couple more films in the role

Roger Moore- too light hearted in a couple of his films but still brought a lot to the role. Loses points for wearing the safari suit!

George Lazenby-difficult to really judge due to just one appearance. Is he good because OHMSS is such a strong script or does he make a good script into a great 007 movie?

Pierce Brosnan-still good in the role particularly after he matured more physically. Loses some points due to, in my opinion, his films being some of the weakest of the series.

Daniel Craig--I'm very hopeful. I can see him challenging Dalton for #2 in my all-time list.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1) Roger Moore - was the perfect Bond for the 70s and 80s. Brought style and charisma in bucketloads to the role and could be deadly serious as well. Had the best speaking voice of all the Bonds. Surely a 007 for all seasons.

2) Pierce Brosnan - I'm rating him second because I believe he's done a great job playing a cool, slick modern Bond in spite of the mediocre material he's often been given. Deserved another film.

3) Sean Connery - a tough guy who could mix it with anyone, but ran out to enthusiasm too early. Maybe a bit overrated by fans due to "the original is the best" syndrome. Still a great Bond overall.

4) George Lazenby - had the looks and physique, and pulled off OHMSS's heartbreaking final scene well. Competent but not spectacular in other parts. Closest to Fleming IMO. Needed another film.

5) Timothy Dalton - I used to dismiss him as a Shakespeare wannabe who constantly resorted to muttering his lines in a bid to prove how dark! and intense! and Fleming! he was. Rewatching TLD made me realise that this was selling him short, although I wish Dalton had brought a little more spark to the role.

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Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1.Sean Connery
2.Pierce Brosnan
3.Roger Moore
4.George Lazenby
5.Timothy Dalton


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

FROSTY wrote:

1) Roger Moore
2) Pierce Brosnan
3) Sean Connery
4) Timothy Dalton
5) George Lazenby


6) Undercover Elephant
7) Secret Squirrel

very big gap...

999) The Roswell Alien
1000) Daniel Craig

Ooooh, that far down already, and in some tough competition ajb007/smile


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1) Sean Connery
2) Roger Moore
3) George Lazenby
4) Timothy Dalton
5) Pierce Brosnan


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1)Sean Connery
2)Roger Moore
3)Timothy Dalton
4)Pierce Brosnan
5)George Lazenby


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1. Tim Dalton. He brought Ian Fleming's vision to the screen. A darker, moodier Bond who deserved more than two movies.

2. George Lazenby. He got bad advice from people who told him Bond was dead, but he's good in OHMSS, which except for true Bond afficianados is the most underrated film in the series.

3. Sean Connery. The original, and he'd rank higher if not for the fact he'd obviously gone through the motions with no enthusiasm for YOLT and DAF. He was actually better in NSNA than those two.

3. Roger Moore. I don't care for TMWTGG, and I thought AVTAK was a movie too far, but Sir Roger had his moments, and FYEO and OP are two of the best entries in the series.

3. Pierce Brosnan. As good as GE and TWINE were, we also had TND, which is a bit boring, and DAD, which is just plain awful.

I rated Sean, Roger and Pierce equally, because of the true multi-film 007's, they all had good and bad films, and all of them contributed something to James Bond.

I don't consider any one of the the soon to be six Bonds to be worst, especially the one nobody's even seen yet. As Barbara Billingsley said as the woman who speaks jive in "Airplane!": 'Cut me some slack Jack!' ajb007/wink


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Here is my modified list:
1.Pierce Brosnan
2.Sean Connery
3.Roger Moore
4.Timothy Dalton
5.George Lazenby


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

My list:

1. Pierce Brosnan
2. Roger Moore
2. Sean Connery
3. George Lazenby
4. Myself
100. Timothy Dalton


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Connery He is James Bond!!!
Brosnam He is as suave as Connery,but not quite as
        physical as Sean.
Dalton  He is the most underated Bond.
Moore   He is good, butI think he stayed too long
Lazenby The movie was great,but he is too stiff.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1)Connery - partly because he was the first
2)Dalton - dark and dangerous, Flemming style
3)Brosnan - a natural, but too modelish.
4)Lazenby - no actor, but OHMSS is still good
5)Moore - made Bond a comedian, bad at action.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

1. Roger Moore - most recognizable to me as Bond and his films were the first I saw.
2. Sean Connery - a great actor, brings suave and sophistication to the role.
3. Timothy Dalton - brought that dark nature to the role, but still had a sly sense of humor.
4. Pierce Brosnan - liked his films, but he just seemed a stale representation of Bond.
5. George Lazenby - one film just wasn't enough to tell, though OHMSS was a pretty good film.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Connery is always going to be first and best for me.

Pierce is second. He did a great job of bringing the series up to date and he genuinely seemed to be having fun with the quips. I would not have minded another Bronson Bond film.

Third is Moore. He played up the more refined side of Bond. He was the first man I ever saw play Bond and he did a great job of it too.

Fourth is Lazenby. I like this movie, but Lazenby didn't really get to prove himself like the other Bond vets.

Fifth is Dalton. I blame the writers for how passive and weak Dalton playes Bond. He's so great in Flash Gordon. Its just not a good fit to have him play Bond.

I also think David Niven did a good job of playing Bond. And yes I think that movie counts.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Here's my list:

1 Timothy Dalton made Bond beleivable and human. Damn that legal action which stoped tim makin a third film.

2. Sean Connery could TDb have based his portrayal on SC.

3. Pierce Brosnan brought a spark to the role reminded me of RM in his heyday as the saint.

4. George Lazenby took bad advice but could have been a great Bond .

5 Roger Moore a bit to camp and comedic imo the first three were enjoyable. Maybe should have left after Moonraker shoyld have definetly left after FYO and i'll never forgive him for making OP.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

Is Lazenby anyone's favorite?


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

0064 wrote:

Is Lazenby anyone's favorite?

I've never seen OHMSS, so I do not know what kind of "Bond" he was.


Re: The Five Bond Actors Best To Worst

0064 wrote:

Is Lazenby anyone's favorite?

The only person I have come across is our own asio although there must be others.

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