Topic: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

In Goldfinger, Jill Masterson's body is entirely painted gold and as a result dies of skin suffocation. But is there any truth to this? The Mythbusters are up to the challenge...

Shirley Eaton personally weighs in... ajb007/biggrin

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Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

I always thought this was a fact ajb007/amazed.

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Your covered in bluddy paint mate, of course it's going to.

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Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

Somebody coated completely in gold or any other paint would most likely die, but not of skin suffocation, what happens is the regulation of bodyheat would be thrown completetly out of order and the sufferer would die from a heat stroke, likely to take two or three days though.
And the body and face have to be completely covered, otherwise the body would just perspire out of the one single pore that was left open.


Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

Mythbusters tested this story and busted it as complete myth.  Blood pressure may increase slightly, but that's about it.



Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

When you think about it - does the skin even breathe?  I always thought it was your lungs.

They should have had Oddjob just kill her, and then paint her gold.  Would have been just as dramatic


Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

It's a minimal amount of oxygen which is absorbed through the skin and co2 which is expelled. But if you were totally painted then as said before you could die because of your body not being able to control your body temp. Especially if you did some exercise. They must have been sufficiently worried to stop the test early. As we know your body temp only needs to rise/drop a small amount for you to be in serious trouble.


Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

I've always thought it's far from being a fact.



Re: Skin Suffocation: Fact or Myth?

props to Jamie for covering himself in gold paint!

I always thought of it as fact, purly based on the fact that I've never really thought about it before...:D

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