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I have been inspired by the other post about Thunderball SCUBA gear.

I took up SCUBA many years ago but when I saw TND I decided to try to outfit myself with as much TND Scuba gear as possible.  Sadly I haven't yet got one bit of it...:))

However, here is what I have worked out what Brozzer was wearing...

Mask - Technisub Ventura in black
BC - Scubapro (model unknown)
Regulator - Posiedon Millenium
Gloves - GUL (style unknown)

Wetsuit and fins unknown

So, put on your best web detective hats and get searching.  We did it for Casino Royale, lets do it for TND now.

And I really really need to know what make the wetsuit is!


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hi there. Glad to see im not the only one into the old scuba gear ajb007/biggrin. I can tell you bonds exact mask. Its a Blue Voit Model B9B-S. I have done tons of searches for it, but got pretty much nothing. My Uncle bought the exact mask "THE" day he saw Thunderball in the theatre , which he passed on to my father a year or so later, and now Its mine. I rarely take it out of its original box anymore, although I use to take it out every time I did any swimmig/diving. If you want pictures, I will gladly take them. I dont know what bonds wetsuit unfortunately. the fins were of course voit. I would love to get the knife as well (with the blue handle ajb007/wink)


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Hi, my first post. About the scuba gear in Tomorrow never dies, these are my best guesses:

James Bond
Mask - Technisub Ventura in black
BC - Scubapro Seahawk, modified to look like a parachute harness
Depth gauge - Cressi-sub oil filled, o-80 meters.
Regulator - Poseidon Triton
Tanks - probably aluminum (flat bottom, no 'neck')
Gloves - GUL (style unknown)
Suit - unknown
Knife (leg) - Cressi-sub Orca
Knife (chest) - unknown
Fins - Cressisub Frog

Wai Lin
Mask - Cressi-sub Superochio
BC - probably Scubapro (model unknown, maybe a Glide 500)
Regulator - Cressi-sub, exact model unknown
Tank - Probably steel (round bottom)
Suit - unknown
Fins - Force fins
Spear gun - unknown

Still a lot of unknowns...

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If your are looking for the Thunderball diving knifes ask theSpyboys and he can help you. I remember he had some for sale a while back.