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At this point we're lucky that the glasses are not for sale ajb007/wink


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No confirmation yet on the glasses, but I found out something else:


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This may be a silly question but has anyone been able to reach out to Oliver Peoples and ask?


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Working on it. I have been promised an answer by tomorrow.


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I agree we should not call this confirmed. I wish they were Persols since People's are really damn expensive and they are rarely discounted.


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I just received an official confirmation from the Oliver Peoples Public Relations:

"I can confirm that Oliver Peoples are featured in the new James Bond Movie."

Short... but sufficient!


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Well, I hope we find out soon because for my money those are the best looking sunglasses Bond has worn in a long time.  Beats most of the recent ones, including Calvin Klein and Persol, hands down.


Edit - Beat me to it Remmert.  That's good news indeed.  Now, where do you buy them?

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Hate to ask for more details....BUT color and style and size?

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They're working on it. I still don't know if they knew about this or if we brought them the news. I might receive more info in the next hours or days, and will post it here immediately.

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Sorry for the large pic but if you look from BEHIND the lense it appears the lense is a bluish grey...or some bluish something!  The dar look of the front pics may be a lighting trick.


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With the cost of these bad boys, im going to wait till we have some official word on frame and lense color. 

I emailed Oliver Peoples and haven't heard back so good job Remmert ajb007/wink


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Well done, Remmert!

Now, just for the specs - excuse the pun - as David Z and Simon suggest.

Oh, and a reputable place to buy.


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The lenses still look dark (black) to me on that picture: the car in the back is bright white and still the glasses look dark...

My guess is that the lenses are like these:
http://www.sunglassesgiant.com/oliver-p … ses-1.html
(see the dark lens/dark frame ones)


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Just got off the phone with my Oliver Peoples contact.  They are indeed the "Airman" and the color combo is silver chrome/sapphire which is a blue-grey lense.  One size: 57.  He says he can still order them; maybe his supplier still has them in stock versus others who say it is discontinued? 

I'll get them if they are discounted at some point.  I think four bills is a little steep for a semi-standard aviator sunglass!

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Keep an eye on the bay.  The aero is the popular one so good deals can be found for the airman although there will be less for sale.  There's not one in the correct color combo right now but personally I wouldn't wear a grey lens if you paid me.


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so, where might on purchase this model?

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Their retailer finder doesn't seem to be working right now but if you have a high end optical shop in your area you can start there, you could call OP customer service and they can give you retailers, or you could order straight from them.  I've been wearing Oliver Peoples optical frames for sixteen years and highly recommend those.  I'm sure their sunglasses are just as good.

If you want them and can get them, you should go ahead.  Their popular frames tend to go on back order ALOT.


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Interesting that Oliver Peoples is owned by Luxottica Group who also owns Persol and Sunglass Hut.  I would expect to see the "Bond" model being sold there around movie release time.


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Hi all.

I have had mixed fortunes locating the Oliver Peoples glasses this side of the pond. I have emailed 4 major opticians and 3 of them have come back saying that the 'Airman' is now discontinued.

'Hi -

I’m afraid that the Airman is discontinued and not available any more. Which is a shame, because I thought it was a really great frame.



Adam Simmonds
87 Regents Park Road
tel: 020 7813 1234
fax: 020 7813 1235

'Unfortunately we don't have any news on if we will be selling these sun
glasses online soon. The best thing to do is contact our London store on
0207 235 5000 as if Harvey Nichols are going to sell these sun glasses
then the stores will get the stock first.

Kind Regards

Hayley Pimm

Harvey Nichols Online

(0208) 957 5030

Registered Office: 109 - 125 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RJ, Reg. No.
1774537, Registered in England.

Hi Kevin

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding Oliver Peoples sunglasses.  We used to stock this particular model but don't at the moment.

It might be possible to order them from America for you, but you would have to pay a deposit of 50% of the retail value. 

Please let me know if you would like us to contact America re price and delivery.

Best wishes



David Clulow
Queens House • Kymberley Road • Harrow • Middlesex • HA1 1YZ
Tel: 020 8515 6700 • www.davidclulow.com

I am waiting for one more to get back to me, as they were going to contact 'Oliver Peoples' directly in the States.
So it may mean ordering directly from America, which may not be a bad thing seeing us Brits get such a good exchange rate!


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I HATE the word discontinued....

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I hate to say it butthis could be true as there are not a lot of online retailers selling these at the moment.  Hopefully they come out with a pair in onjunction with the movie but even then $400 is steep!


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I have contacted "my" sunglass seller in Italy, who is somehow related with Luxottica and pretty reliable. Unfortunately, his english is pretty limited.

He told me, that he does not have the Airman right now and on request, he told me, that he WILL have them in summer. Can it be that the Airman is a brand new model?

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The Airman model is actually pretty old.  They were all over the internet last year, bluefly.com used to carry them in all colors.  Just keep your eyes peeled and you'll snatch up a pair.


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Bad news on the USA front...bot NYC stores said they are an older style...do not have them even in old stock AND they are not releasing them again.  I even spoke to a National Manager that happened to be in the SOHO store and the absolutely said they were not being re-released as they have seen the line for the next 18 months.

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I wouldn't get discouraged as Oliver Peoples as a whole is pretty exclusive about who sells their products.  You won't find nearly as many sites carrying any of their products as a company like Ray Ban or Persol.

I hate that Luxottica now owns them as every company Lux buys seems to become more generic in their styles.  Especially Ray Ban and Persol.  That's why the vintage Wayfarers and 714s bring such a premium.  Hopefully the company(OP) will be able to operate independently of Lux.