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Hello i just buyed this alfani shirt from ebay

http://cgi.ebay.com/ALFANI-LONG-SLEEVE- … 18Q2el1247

Does it look like the alfani shirt that you guys have or somthing?? ill Dont know i dident even look it was 9 dollars so i thouth you know what the heck..

Tell me what you guys think!



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That looks like the right one to me.

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:=) That's Great news.


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Like someone we know well has said: "Close but no cigar"... sorry man but that is not the same shirt... silimar though but not the same one... hope this is not too disappointing to you...

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Don't listen to "Christian". You've got the right shirt. It's black with a suede like feel. Christian was trying to sell "very limited" pieces of the CR Alfani shirt back in November for $150 ea. I then found, as many others have found that these shirts have been readily available on ebay for between $10 and $20.

Good find. Don't let him rain on your parade.

By the way, even though this IS the shirt, you will need to have it altered a bit by a tailor to get it more screen accurate. The screen shirt was tailored to have a straight hem at the bottom. These shirts do not come with a straight hem. Even Craig's shirt needed to have this done.


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I stand by what I wrote... this is not the right shirt but it looks pretty good. It is a fact that I got my hands on a couple of these shirts last year and they were sold to me at 100$ a shirt. I was selling them altered (at an additional cost of 25$ each to me) and I was including shipping in my price so do the math. But what as that got anything to do with the original post. I was not trying to sell copaman a shirt as all the shirts I hand are all long gone (he can tell you that I did not send him any offer of any kind regarding a shirt or anything else)! I simply answered the post because a fellow member wanted to know and I know these shirts: I looked for the exact right one for a full year before getting a few from a guy working at the ALFANI distributor in Canada who obviously knew why they were so sought after and adjusted the price accordingly. Anyway, my intention was not to rain on anyone's parade but simply to answer copaman's question. Sorry if this rubbed anyone the wrong way. At any rate, if you are happy with your shirt than it is the right shirt for you and that is all that counts... good for you and enjoy you purchase!

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OK Saint, I'll bite...what, in your opinion makes this the wrong shirt? Not trying to start anything here but you were pretty quick to shoot him down without offering any information on what makes his different from THE shirt.

If I was still playing baseball I'd say you were trying to "Big-League" a fellow Bond Brother.

I picked up a couple of the shirts in November and December as did quite a few others. At first blush I don't see any difference...I think Copa got the real deal.

Shatter Out

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All right... here goes:

1. Label should be black with ALFANI written in white...

2. shirt should be made in Vietnam and not Korea...

3. shirt should have a pocket on left breast... 

4. shirt should be 100% polyester and not 90% polyester and 10% cotton.

5. shirt should have shorter collar points...

6. original shirt is buttonned-down from the inside with two hidden buttons that should be removed to fit the altered CR version...

Otherwise it is, like I said before, very close. I was not trying to Big league anyone. I was simply just trying to share the information I gathered for a few months on this shirt to help a fellow Bond fan get the right shirt as I would hope other members would do for me should I be trying to track down something specific without having all the pertinent info beforehand... after all copaman DID ask for opinions on his shirt. May I stress out that was the exact reason of the original post he wrote and topic he initiated... Once again, if Jonathan loves his shirt that that should be the best and only thing he should look for in his shirt. I am a perfectionnist and I looked for the real McCoy and paid way too much for a shirt I found out too late could be bought on ebay for a lot less a year ago!

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Yes well.. I do not know who to belive i quess i can see better when i recive it as i menionded i do not care at all it was only 10 bux i will still look out for more alfani shirts and buy everyone i see :=)

I tell you when i recive it!




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Does everyone remember when the new broke about the "quick fix" Alfani shirt?  That news was given to me by Joe Brizzi, an assistant to the costume and wardrobe group who was gracious enough to share a few stories with us.  He did supply me the exact Alfani shirt style and description, down even to the alterations of the removal of hidden collar buttons and the hemming of the shirt with the side notches.  The shirt should have a left breast pocket.  Although I consider the interior less important the Black label white writing is accurate, if you go to that level...BTW, this shirt feels great worn, mostly due to the satin like feel of the inside.

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Yup... Mantis and Saint-Antoine are right: the Ocean club Alfani shirt and the one pictured in copaman above post are just not the same. Sorry to disappoint but if you are a perfectionnist you will have to keep looking. Saint-Antoine's description guide is right on and should help you tracking the real shirt down. Mantis' comment on the shirt are also true: it feels great and is very confortable (sexy too says my wife!). I certainly did not pay 10$ for it and I had to have mine altered to be hemmed up correctly. I was told they were all over the place when first issued but that was when CR was shot and we did not know back then did we? Besides, James Bond in a 45$ polyester shirt... who would have dreamed up such a bizzare thing. But I love the shirt and I think you will love it too when you find it! 

I will never badmouth polyester again!

Good luck!

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OK, as they say in the NFL, "Upon further review..." I stand corrected.

Upon close inspection of my two shirts, I can say that I have one of each but there is no visual difference when wearing the shirt. For all intents and purposes it is the same shirt. They also feel exactly the same.

1) One is black label, one is white. (Not a big deal here as label can't be seen.

2) Black label one is made in Vietnam, White label in Korea.

3) Both shirts have a left breast pocket.

4) Black label shirt is 100% polyester, white label is 90% polyester and 10% nylon (not cotton).

5) The collar points on my two shirts are identical.

6) Both of my shirts have the hidden collar buttons.

Saint, thanks for the clarification by the way. That's the info I was hoping you'd give to Copa.

All I can say to Copa is that owning both shirts myself there is no discernable difference to the naked eye. Plus the both have a satin like interior that does feel pretty cool when you're wearing them.

That being said, the experts have spoken with a Mantis seal of approval and that's good enough for me...so black label it is. If you are a purist go for the black label, if not, know that you would have a VERY hard time telling the two apart so if black label is not available the next best thing is 99.9999% accurate.

By the way, I have yet to make my tailored alterations to either of the shirts...I know the collar buttons need to come off and the hem needs to be straight. Does anyone have info on the notches, i.e. how high should they go and how wide should they be at their widest part? Mantis???


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Hey Shatterhand67,

I had my shirts altered at a local tailor here in Montreal. I asked for it to be hemmed up straight and notched up about an inch on each side. The tailor said it was not a problem and he did it so well that you cannot tell it did not originally came like that. There seems to be enough materiel do have the shirt notched up without having the back and front pieces of materiel separated in any way. If you find a good tailor I am sure he can work on yours to your satisfaction.


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Yes well guys listen i will examin the shirt when i get it and see how it looks. ill will tell you when i get in. Dont make such a big deal out of it i can see if the collar is wrong when i get it i am very very good at seeing details.. But not over a photo. But i am not good at knowing stuff i mean like it should be a black lapel and stuff but i can "see" with my eyes and that's always somthing..

Now for example i can tell that you are wrong mantis about you're the world is not enough suit from baron.. The suit is wrong. The suit should be made in herringbone and the blue shirt should not have a pocket "i dont know if you told baron this cause if you do tell them they make you one that looks closer" But if you did not tell them then its all wrong cause the blazer dosent even have a vent. Witch the orginal has.. And the herringbone material as i said. So i am good at seeing stuff but i need to have it in my hands not over some picture.


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And if it's wrong that you guys made me a good example to find it "black lapel made in vietnam" And such about the collar and the acully shirt itself on the outside with breast pocket and everything i can see that i am not blind.. But with things that are not shown in the movie that i cannot know so thank you for that info :=)



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World is not enough suit?  Huh, what are we talking about?  The only suit I have from them is the linen one from the end of the movie.

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I don't get it either... the linen suit is supposed to be herringbone?


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I bought the accurate shirt from an e bay store called B H factory outlet last year for $46 with free shipping. It fulfils all Saint-Antoine's criteria and I now realize how lucky I am.


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How can linen be herringbone ??? Please explain copa...

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saint-antoine wrote:

How can linen be herringbone ??? Please explain copa...

Must state I have no idea if the suit is herringbone or not but there's no issue in linen being produced in herringbone.  Just do a search.


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I stand corrected but is it really herringbone linen... anyone with good closeup pics that show this ?


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Yes.. It is linen herringbone and yes mantis it is the one from the end of the movie.. Just watch the movie at a HD LCD tv or somthing i dont know and pause just when he sits in the chair and when he breaks loss the cuffs then you can clearly see that the arm is in herringbone.. And that's my point i am good at seeing deatils but not at knowing stuff such as black lapel and such so that information is very vaulbalde to me but the collar and such is not cause i can see such things!


Thanks !


And ohl.. Mantis please replay the movie and you will see that it is clearly herringbone


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Yes, I just watched and it is indeed herringbone.  You don't really need an HDTV to see it, although to be honest I never paid attention to the fabric as I never cared for the suit.  Nice detail to know, though. ajb007/cheers

Is it me or should someone create a Bond collector's wiki site?  Whenever some new detail like this is discovered it should be added to some constantly expanding knowledge base for future reference. ajb007/smile

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Is this the shirt?

http://cgi.ebay.com/Alfani-NEW-Mens-Bla … dZViewItem


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Heh well i know that the suit has been herringbone sense one and a half year ago :=) I know alot of other things aswell as i mentioned i am good at seeing "deatils" :=)