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i would say that there has been at least 10james bond games across multiple consoles. the 1st one i remember is goldeneye for the n64, with many others such as the world is not enough, tomorrow never dies for the ps1, nightfire, everything or nothing, from russia with love for ps2 and xbox, qos and bloodstone for ps3 and xbox260 and goldeneye for the wii. im sure ive missed some, include them if you can think of them. how would you place these games in order? 1,2,3 etc


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Not forgetting James Bond: The Duel on Sega MegaDrive (Genesis for people in the U.S.). In fact, I've just found this on Wikipedia


1- On Her Majesty's Secret Service   2- Casino Royale   3- Licence To Kill   4- Goldeneye   5- From Russia With Love


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I remember a Spy game on the Amiga that was a total Bond rip off, anybody remember it (and no not James Pond)

I think it was maybe just called Agent or something, had parachute scene and I remember a Underwater level against the enemy divers and infiltrating the underwater base!!!

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