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Not exactly a link, but my review is posted on AJB in my Bond Continuation Novel Reviews Volume 2.
It's quite long, so I'm only posting it the once.


Hope you all enjoy Carte Blanche.


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I received my British 1st Edition in the mail today.
Hefty size with a font large enough for my tired eyes and with generous line spacing.
Will put the reading glasses on tonight and crack this book.

Think I'll listen to John Barry's Enigma soundtrack as I read.

Then I will read chrisno1's review.


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I'm 100 pages in and the wheels have sort of come off really.  ajb007/frown

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So far I'm enjoying It, Taking my time. I'm up to Bond's arrival in Dubai. ajb007/smile

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Napoleon Plural wrote:

I'm 100 pages in and the wheels have sort of come off really.  ajb007/frown

You really shouldn't have bought the £5 version Nap ajb007/lol


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Well, just read the extract it looks pretty good I'd totally forgotten that it was coming out, but then I've been busy lately with the baby and all




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I'm really liking it. Can't really say much more than that. Each to there own & all that. I do think it's better than "Devil may Care" though.  ajb007/smile

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My interview with Jeffery Deaver is in this month's Gulf Life.


Intro's a bit wordy, I should have shoved that third paragraph.  ajb007/frown

It's under Clive Morris, my name isn't actually Napoleon Plural.  ajb007/wink

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I absolutely loved the book.  I live in the States but was fortunate enough to be on my annual vacation (or holiday, as you all say there) in London on the week the book came out.  I therefore was sure to snag a ticket to the opening day Q&A event/signing. 

Anyway, long story short, I devoured the book and am on my second reading of it now.  Deaver, IMO, completely nails Fleming's style (although his descriptions of places and landscapes are, admittedly, less poetic).  Bond's inner monologues and thought processes are great.  The requisite elements - Bond girls with delicious names, gadgets, locations, food, wine, etc. - are all there, along with what I can only say is the best 007 plot since Fleming's demise.  It twists and turns wonderfully, and is really ingenious when you stop to think about it. 

All the stuff about Bond's parents (won't say more than that) is very interesting as well, adding even more layers and depth.  I think my only slight disappointment (aside from the aforementioned lack of poetic descriptions) is that Deaver never really explores the "Carte Blanche" theme as much as I hoped he would.  I don't think Bond was ever really put into a position where he had to ask the hard questions about his job and how far he would go. 

Overall, though, this is a book that begs both to be eaten up and to be savored.  I hope and pray Deaver gets another crack at Bond, because Carte Blanche is a delight from start to finish.


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I didn't know a new book came out until I read this forum. Im on vacation and just had to have the book after reading about and hearing what people are saying. I already had a list of books I was going to read but this one tops them all. Thank you James Bond for another purchase I wasn't expecting but am ready to enjoy.

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