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can anybody please advise on the best CD compliation available for the origional bond theme tunes ?

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Oh goodness! Normally the most recent one ... but it depends on what you want. I would always go to the OSTs of each of the films these days ... especially if they are Barry scores.


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An album called "The Best of Bond... James Bond" has all the theme songs from Dr. No up until QoS I believe. You can check that one out.

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1. GoldenEye  2. Goldfinger  3. Skyfall  4. OHMSS  5. TWINE


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The first Bond album I bought was The best of James Bond 30th Anniversary Collection. It has all the theme songs up untill LTK including Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and the 007 theme. You should be able to find this one online.

1. OHMSS   2. FRWL   3. OP   4. TSWLM   5. TLD   6. GE  7. YOLT 8. LALD   9. CR   10. LTK   11. DN   12. GF   13. SF   14. FYEO   15. TMWTGG   16. MR   17. TWINE   18. TB   19. AVTAK   20 TND   21. QoS   22 DAF   23. DAD


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Avoid the later compilations if you care for sound quality. They are terribly mastered. The 2 disc 30th anniversary edition is really the one to get IMO. It features the bonus tracks only found on the UK and remastered Goldfinger, the missing music from Thunderball, both versions of Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the demo of You Only Live Twice.

The sound is quite good, but unfortunately there is some occasional flutter and tape noise. The reason for this is because they used the original masters and obviously didn't go through them as well as they should have. Still, I'd rather have some noise than bad compression. It only goes through LTK, so you'd need the soundtracks or singles for Goldeneye onwards.