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Okay so we're all a bit James Bond and Spectre obsessed right now, but if you fancy a change from the OO7 in the next couple of weeks, check out my new e-book 'Steel Wolf' available from Matador Publications 10/11/2015:


In 2010 the journalist, Jon Drago, embarks on an extended sabbatical to Eastern Europe. His life at home appears to have reached a crossroads and he has taken to filling his days and nights with high living and fast romance. Then one drunken evening changes everything for Drago as he is catapulted into a kaleidoscopic whirlwind of mistaken identity, blood and thunder, brutal gangsters, beautiful women, danger and death.

Against his better judgement, Drago comes to the aid of a desperate fugitive girl whose past is entwined with a vicious war criminal. Escaping Hungary, they attempt to reach the Czech Republic. Yet for Drago and Lucie trouble never ceases.

As they embark on an uneasy alliance, the two runaways are pursued by enemies at every turn: a diseased wizened cripple, an elite assassin, gypsy godfathers and finally a gang of shaven headed hoodlums armed with shotguns and hauling a pack of mastiff dogs.

There is startling action, suspense and intrigue all the way from Budapest to Brno until the story reaches is bitter climax and the darkest secrets of the human soul are revealed. When Jon Drago finally encounters the Steel Wolf, it as though his nightmare has only just begun…


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That sounds very interesting, chrisno1!

I wish you all the berry best with this literary venture!

Your reviews and contributions to AJB are truly second-to-none!  ajb007/smile  ajb007/martini

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The train pulled from the station and Brno was left behind. The railway line cut between the mountains outside the city, following an old floodplain. The landscape was close, flat and empty. The last light of the day vanished and the inky darkness of night drew a curtain over the window. The girl became calm again and she took another short nap, her head propped against his chest and his arm about her shoulder.

Drago woke her when he needed the toilet and excused himself. The girl was right; the nearest convenience was under repair. A sign was tacked to the door and said something in three languages, one of them German, none of them English. He found a vacant cubicle in the next carriage.

Drago went inside and slid the bolt across. It was a roomy chamber, big enough for him to take two strides before reaching the bowl and sink. Like all chemical traps it stank of other people’s waste. Someone rattled the door. While he flushed and rinsed his hands, the lock shook again. It was probably an impatient, irritating child, he thought. Drago unlocked and opened the door.

The stranger stood very close to the entrance, no more than a foot away. He was dressed in an unbuttoned dull brown raincoat over a dark suit. Sprouting from the man’s gloved left hand was the stark metal barrel of an automatic pistol...

© 2015 Christoph John

Five days until we meet Jon Drago!

Available November 10th 2015



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Only a few hours to go to meet Jon Drago...

It's been six long years for me...

I deserve a drink at Spoons, just like Drago...





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Steel Wolf

A Jon Drago Adventure

Out today.


Go on. Treat yourself to a late night thrill with your kindle.


http://www.amazon.co.uk/Steel-Wolf-Chri … steel+wolf


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A new Jon Drago adventure

If you love James Bond - you might just fancy Jon Drago

Gilgamesh is the second Jon Drago novel.

Two years after the harrowing events in Brno, Drago is now a successful author whose private life is a recurring cycle of golf, good food and drink, one-night-stands and nightmarish memories.

Against his better judgement he is persuaded to meet the antiquities professor Paul Gainsborough and is intrigued by the mystery surrounding a hoard of stolen Babylonian art works and the curious figure of Andre Chagall, whose name is linked to all of them.

His investigations lead him to Abu Dhabi where Chagall’s allies begin to answer the questions, answers which only open doors to even deeper mysteries. Caught up in a crazed world of power-mad revolutionaries, Drago is forced to travel to war-torn Iraq where the Islamic State is beginning to assert its authority. There Drago and the beautiful historian Sylvia Lavoilette discover a horrific secret: a bloody counter revolution which no one seems able to prevent.

It can only mean violence, suspense and terror for Jon Drago.




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Great news on your second novel. I'll certainly be buying a copy of that.

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The new Jon Drago novel

Available on ebook £3.99


Available from the following retailers and others:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gilgamesh-Chri … =gilgamesh
https://play.google.com/store/books/det … otDQAAQBAJ
https://itunes.apple.com/gb/book/gilgam … mpt=uo%3D4

Read it and pray....