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Hello community! I'm pretty new here and this is my first time posting a new topic. I happen to also be a member of frugalmalefashion on reddit and from time to time there the members from that group get together to purchase a fashion item item from Massdrop.com. I do not have experience with Massdrop but hopefully someone here has. Copied from Wikipedia's page:

"Massdrop runs on what the owners call "community-driven commerce," where users discuss products they are interested in buying and the site's owners then negotiate and organise ordering the products, often obtaining group discounts in the process. Users typically create polls on the website's forums and once a few hundred people have expressed interest in the product, the company organises the order, sale, and distribution of it. The price of the item gets cheaper as more people commit to buying it."

If this website is legit, which I think it is after reading multiple threads on reddit, then our community could get together and create polls on actual James Bond brands to purchase in bulk for cheaper than retail pricing. I realize I'm late to the game in buying Daniel Craig era brands and most forum members here already have a collection but surely someone is interested?

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I'm not affiliated with Massdrop at all so I'm not trying to spam anyone here. My original thought was that new members on AJB like myself could join together to get a cheap price on Bond clothes. Personally, I just was hoping to get some people on board for the Billy Reid Bond peacoat. I searched a few James Bond items on the site and the Bond coat popped up under the wool coat polls. Unfortunately, more people need to vote on the Bond coat poll before the site will contact Billy Reid for a group discount. I guess no one else is interested.


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I've used Massdrop for a few purchases; they're definitely legit and service a lot of niche interests...probably best known for their involvement with selling mechanical keyboards and accessories.  That said, I'm not familiar with how projects are chosen.  From what I've seen, even items that win polls aren't guaranteed to be featured in drops.


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Converse Purcell OTR????


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As TheGrimFandango said, Massdrop is definitely legit. If you want to go this route, I'd suggest sticking with smaller to mid-size brands for clothing. N.Peal, Dents, maybe Sunspel or Orlebar Brown. As you suggest, Billy Reid could be a interesting option. Maybe Crockett & Jones? But in my experience you can often find better deals during a brand's sale season than you get from a drop. You just need to be patient.

Another interesting choice may be to go with accessories, like pens, wallets or shaving sets. I see a lot of those kinds of drops.

In general, I believe brands are more willing to participate if they're dropping a product that's already part of their line. In other words, it's just another sale for them. I check Massdrop pretty regularly and custom products aren't that common. The last big one was an Allen Edmonds custom designed desert boot. With watches, I've sometimes seen some mods. But these are usually from brands like Seiko or smaller boutique brands.

Hope that helps!


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Thank you both for the feedback about Massdrop, its good to hear first hand experience from another AJB member. I'm not sure either how an item in the polls eventually ends up in a drop but the more of us that vote should give power to a Bond item being featured.  I'm sure a company would be more open to a drop on massdrop than if they just offered a group buy to AJB forum, due to greater brand exposure. Perhaps, someone in the AJB community, like Mantis, who already has a relationship with one of the Bond brands already can chime in their opinion.

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