Topic: Bond 25 Press Conference

The press conference before shooting starts usually reveals the cast, title, schedule as well as interviews with producers and cast.

With filming for Bond 25 due to begin early next month, the press conference must be coming soon. Any predictions on the date?

I predict April 2nd.


Re: Bond 25 Press Conference

It can be like talking to a brick wall here sometimes ajb007/tongue
According to news, the conference will be on or very close to April 1st. 1 week to go then it's full steam ahead for Shatterhand ajb007/biggrin


Re: Bond 25 Press Conference

Why start a thread when you could have just posted this in Discuss Bond 25 here?  And Eclipse, Ellipsis, Shatterhand?  I doubt very much it will be any of those - I certainly hope not anyway.

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