Re: NTTD N Peal Budget alternative Commando Sweater option

Well - my replica commando sweater arrived today from The Leather City, and I have to say - it's much better than I was expecting. First off, to assuage any concern about the "shadiness" of the site, it was a totally painless and legit ordering process. Authentic PayPal checkout, quick confirmation e-mail (they even sent a follow-up email to confirm sizing, which was nice), prompt shipping, and FedEx tracking provided. Overall, very straightforward and seamless. Exactly one week from order to delivery.

The package arrived well-packed in its own little mini garment bag (see pictures) and inside that, was nicely folded with tissue paper and wrapped again in a waterproof plastic bag.

The quality is about what I would expect for $70. I'm not sure what the description of "viscose lining" was all about, it's just ribbed cotton (probably a poly-blend), but there's no lining to speak of. Quality is comparable to the What Price Glory Commando Sweater (in olive color) for those of you who have ordered one of those - although the 'boat neck' is closer to the N.Peal original, in the sense that it's a little more squared off and deliberate, rather than just a slit opening on the WPG. I ordered it in a size Small (I'm 5'9" ~180lbs) and although it's a little bit smaller than the others that I own in the same size, it's a very stretchy material, so I think it will be fine.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased. I would definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for the "look" of the N.Peal, in the correct color, with a boat neck, but doesn't want to spend the cash for the authentic original.

Best of all, my identity and bank account are still intact, which, as many of you have pointed out, is always a slight risk with unknown sellers. While I can't vouch for this company's other products (primarily leather reproductions, as far as I can tell), this one seems fine for what it is.