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  • Moore ThanMoore Than EnglandPosts: 3,173MI6 Agent
    Here is an interview with Lucy Fleming about James Bond, Ian Fleming and the 007 Reloaded audiobooks from AudioGo.

    Lucy Fleming Interview - James Bond 007 Reloaded Audiobooks
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  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 9,851MI6 Agent
    Anybody bought any of the new Audiobooks!?
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  • gussguss South Wales, UKPosts: 195MI6 Agent
    Carte Blanche is brilliant on audio read by Toby greaves Stephens. Well worth it for the train journey to work
  • Moore ThanMoore Than EnglandPosts: 3,173MI6 Agent
    A new poster that will be appearing at tube stations on the London Underground to promote the release of the new 007 Reloaded audio books.

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  • Agent_MAgent_M lost in the speed forcePosts: 353MI6 Agent
    Anyone else got these yet? i'm still pushing family to get them for Xmas for me
  • Moore ThanMoore Than EnglandPosts: 3,173MI6 Agent
    From the official website of Ian Fleming. Dan Stevens reading of Casino Royale has been shortlisted for Audiobook of the year in the 2012 Specsavers National Book Awards. Other audiobooks marked out for the award include Juliet Stephenson's reading of Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan and Miranda Hart's rendition of her own book Is It Just Me? The awards will take place in London on December 4th.

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  • BRIXMISBRIXMIS Great BritainPosts: 170MI6 Agent
    Just listening to Dr No by Hugh Quarsie. Very good, he has a wide range of accents and is excellent with the Jamaican Patois.
  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 9,851MI6 Agent
    33% off if you use the code from MI6!!

    Being outside the EU I got VAT off also (20%)

    On top of that you get points per purchase to redeem against further purchases hence I bought the lot bar one and then used the points to purchase the final book free!!

    Now to find time to listen to the whole lot!!

    Anyhow think I got the collection for under £40
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  • DutchJamesBondFanDutchJamesBondFan the NetherlandsPosts: 398MI6 Agent

    Does someone here have a copy the Robert Whitfield/Simon Vance versions? I'd love to listen to them, especially because most of them got deleted on YouTube. Many thanks!

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