Trailer Music avalible to download

I've been looking for this music for ages, and its finally appeared. Whats more is that each individual layer of the track (brass, choir etc) are also avalible. This is part of Smirmoff's "Shaken and Stirred' DJ contest in which aspiring DJ's can enter a competition to make the best theme remix.


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    I also found this sight yesterday and loaded the theme on my Ipod as well as the chorus...LOVE the gothic sounding chorus on its own! Pity none of this music will be in the movie but still VERY enjoyable.
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    I've been looking for this music for ages, and its finally appeared. Whats more is that each individual layer of the track (brass, choir etc) are also avalible. This is part of Smirmoff's "Shaken and Stirred' DJ contest in which aspiring DJ's can enter a competition to make the best theme remix.
    Great find ieu2d, thanks!

    Besides the terrific full version, the orchestra layer on it's own is well worth downloading!!
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    High Guard wrote:
    As everyone knows by now i am no fan of the movie but i downloaded the tracks and listened to full audio mix track 18.
    What a nice bond theme they have with just the right upgradings. I might have checked out the movie had they incorporated this theme 'within' the movie action sequences.
    What a pity...such a great bond theme rolling in with the end-credits. In other words what a waste.

    I wouldn't be convinced that this has anything to do with the movie at all right now. It's like saying it's a waste the Parodifair track never made it to the film of GoldenEye. I'm happy for you that you managed to turn this into a way of running down CR, though!

    Lovely to hear this, though- and that there's so much more to it; bebop section of the theme and all. I wonder if it'll pop up on the trailer to Bond22...?
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    As has been said, this is a great find, Expectant One. Whether or not this music is used in the film, it's a terrific version of the Bond Theme. By the bye, has anyone listened to just the chorus? There's more than a minute of a blank track, but the opening chords are particularly interesting--imagine a choir singing the Bond Theme in church! And does anyone have any idea what's being sung in the latter portion of the Theme? To my tin ears, it sound something like this:

    "Some people say that they--
    Some people say that they--
    Some people say that they. . .

    SODA! . . . SODA!"

    Hmmm. Or maybe I found the lyrics to a lost refrain in "Bohemian Rhapsody?"
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    Wow what a great find, thanks!!
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    This has probably been mentioned before in the trailer topic, but I'm lazy ;)

    I saw the trailer at the cinema (UK) but this theme was not part of it, does anyone know why? (or point me in the right direction!)... For me it made it less powerful, but maybe I was just looking forward to it in surround sound!

    As for the downloads it's a brilliant find, very nice track.
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    The UK version of the trailer is a bit weaker- there's more stuck on sound effects and I think the choir is missing. I saw it online a little while ago; can't remember where, I'm afraid.
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    Does anyone have the trailer music who could send it to me. It doesn't seem to be available on the smirnoff site anymore.

    My email is

    I hope someone can help me! ;)
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    In my master plan to avoid finding out too much about the movie before it hit the theaters, I missed the chance to download these files. If someone could send them to me as well, it would be much appreciated. I'm at -- Thanks!


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    I also missed the music on this site. Could anyone send it to me?
  • LittleNellieLittleNellie Posts: 1MI6 Agent
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    Hey all,
    can anyone help me with the "theatrical trailer" music? I've been searching the web, but cannot find it.. is the right address B-)

  • mirry26mirry26 Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Hey, I missed this as well, but would love to have it if anyone still does. Thanks!
  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 2,161MI6 Agent
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    SO late to this party, but I would also love the files if anyone still has them.
  • carver97carver97 New York, USAPosts: 78MI6 Agent
    Ah crapola! I missed it too.

    Anyone care to help me?

    Thanks a bunch!
  • carver97carver97 New York, USAPosts: 78MI6 Agent
    Does anyone know where I can find the individual tracks? I'm composing the music for my Bond film (Knight of Shadows - its in the film section, so take a look) and this would be a great help!
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    goodness, I'm 2 years late.....

    But, I too would like that song. I've been searching since I saw the trailer and I've found nothing until just today.

    So if would anyone please kindly e-mail the song to me as well?

    I hope someone could help me out :D

  • IcarusIcarus Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Well in that case, I'd appreciate it if someone sent it to me too. Thanks in advance:
  • badblokebobbadblokebob Posts: 1MI6 Agent
    Has someone actually replying to these emails, or are these a bunch of people being very hopeful indeed? :p

    Anyway, I too would like to get hold of the music, and can be reached at

    (Sorry if this is irritatingly bumping an old thread.)
  • Mikhail TouraegMikhail Touraeg Posts: 6MI6 Agent
    It probably would be easier for somebody to upload the music to a file hosting site, judging by the amount of requests for it.
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