Help!Casino Royale Precredit Sequence

I am doing an essay on comparison of Casino Royale and For your eyes only precredit sequence and we have to do a paragraph on technical codes which is basically the camera angles, lighting/sound effects and music. I have no idea what to write, if someone can provide me with some info/comments/suggestions or anything, it will be greatly appreaciated!


  • Agent WadeAgent Wade Ann ArborPosts: 321MI6 Agent
    It sounds like a peculiar essay. The two sequences are nothing alike by any stretch of the imagination. Do you mean you have to explain what kind of camera angles are used like helicopter shots, crane shots, closeups and whatnot? I'd go for looking at what the sound sources are. I don't know 100%, but I'm sure the sound of the helicopter diving isn't what a helicopter is supposed to sound like when it's diving.
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