How many more Bond movies for Daniel Craig?

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I have read in the past, that Daniel Craig has in his contract to do 4 James Bond movies. Is this after Casino Royale? Then I have also read he is obligated to do this 2012 movie and then the 2014 movie he could be asked to do, but is not under contract to do. Can anyone clear this up for me what his current contract situation is?


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    Others may be able to correct me if I am wrong, but the initial deal is the fairly standard EON one of three films with an option on a fourth. No word yet, but plenty of speculation that the delay between 22 & 23 may make the fourth Craig outing less likely, only time will tell...for the moment all we know for certain is that DC will helm 23.
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    I hated Craig in CASINO ROYALE. He's all over the map. But I liked the change in him in QUANTUM OF SOLACE. His second turn is a more refined and centered performance. There are several moments where he's almost doing a Sean Connery impersonation. The hyper cutting cheated us of what Craig does best -- physical action. He takes genuine risks. He hurls himself into physical danger like no actor I've ever seen. And then Foster cuts it so fast we can't really appreciate his grace. He has certainly earned another crack at Bond. Maybe they'll get it right this time. I hope so.

    I also hope what Broccoli and Wilson will withdraw from exerting creative control over Bond 24. Let people better qualified decide the story, write the script, choose the director, and cast the right actor. Broccoli and Wilson should stay home and just count the money.
    The top 7 Bond films: 1) Dr No. 2) From Russia With Love. 3) Thunderball. 4) On Her Majesty's Secret Service. 5) For Your Eyes Only. 6) The Living Daylights. 7) Licence to Kill.
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    Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will continue having control over the James Bond movie franchise. It has been in the family for years back to the very beginning, when Albert "Cubby" Broccoli was producer of the very first James Bond movie, Dr. No (1962).
    Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli ( half brother-sister) aren't going anywhere. Their is also a Tony Broccoli too.
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