Your Favourite Bond Soundtracks?



  • BlackleiterBlackleiter Washington, DCPosts: 5,615MI6 Agent
    OHMSS and YOLT. Just beautiful!
    -{ Absolutely. I love 'Bond on Kobe Docks' and Barry's instrumentation of 'We have all the time in the world.' What are your fave tracks, BL?
    Been listening to the FRWL soundtrack, lots of hidden gems there such as '007 takes the lektor' and 'Bond and Tania'.
    Oh and I love FYEO soundtrack a lot. (A drive in the country is so good, i swear i find myself humming that atleast a dozen times a day). I understand that the soundtracm is not everyone's cup of tea, but i like it cause its so different

    I'd have to say my favorites are the title tracks for OHMSS and YOLT, but I quite enjoy "Bond on Kobe Docks" as well. I am also very fond of "Journey to Blofeld's Hideaway" and "Countdown for Blofeld".
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  • Mr_OsatoMr_Osato Posts: 398MI6 Agent
    Journey to Blofeld's hideaway is magical indeed. Just like Mountain and Sunsets are from YOLT. And the Wedding. It just oozes the magic of Japan. From OHMSS I also love the ski chase song and of course the title track. The only downside on that soundtrack is that Christmas tree song. :))

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  • heartbroken_mr_draxheartbroken_mr_drax New Zealand Posts: 2,073MI6 Agent
    Mr_Osato wrote:
    And the Wedding. It just oozes the magic of Japan.

    Amen. The Wedding is one of the most beautiful pieces of music that Barry composed.
    1. TWINE 2. FYEO 3. MR 4. TLD 5. TSWLM 6. OHMSS 7. DN 8. OP 9. AVTAK 10. TMWTGG 11. QoS 12. GE 13. CR 14. TB 15. FRWL 16. TND 17. LTK 18. GF 19. SF 20. LaLD 21. YOLT 22. NTTD 23. DAD 24. DAF. 25. SP

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  • MooresflaresMooresflares Posts: 30MI6 Agent
    Moonraker, Barry at his absolute best
  • MrGoreMrGore Posts: 129MI6 Agent
    Anything from FRWL. The one Barry said was the first, real Bond movie. At least, it was the first that sounded like a Bond movie.

    Also "Flight Into Space" from Moonraker is transcendent music. Barry as a true artist in that one.

    I saw John Barry, live at the Albert Hall, conducting his movie music. The performance included the so called James Bond Suite which are arrangements. Totally amazing to hear live.

    It felt like I was watching one of music's few true geniuses right in front of me. I felt privileged just to be there.

    He made a couple of jokes about Duran Duran and Aha. The audience laughed.
  • MooresflaresMooresflares Posts: 30MI6 Agent
    They are the two individual soundtracks I have apart from the brilliant bond 50 2x cd, from Russia with love and Moonraker
  • Dirty PunkerDirty Punker ...Your Eyes Only, darling."Posts: 2,587MI6 Agent
    Barry hit the chord for me in Goldfinger and Thunderball, that's where I think he found his style and both happen to be my favourite soundtracks from the series.
    007 and Counting is a very good piece. Honestly, you could even pick Soviet Capsule as a good space track.
    Barry and Space go beautifully together.
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  • Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,597MI6 Agent
    Barry and Space go beautifully together.

    Yes, they do! Have you heard Barry's score for The Black Hole? It's one of the best space scores, and it takes a lot from Vaughan Williams' Sinfonia Antartica. So many space film scores take from there, but it's interesting to hear how everyone interprets it.
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  • MrGoreMrGore Posts: 129MI6 Agent
    you could even pick Soviet Capsule as a good space track.
    Barry and Space go beautifully together.

    That rising theme is so hypnotic. It's one of my favourite parts of YOLT.

    Barry's work on Thunderball is masterful. On a clean vinyl copy it really resonates. Incredibly atmospheric.
  • angelicbondangelicbond Posts: 194MI6 Agent
    My top 5 are:

    1/ Casino Royale
    2/ Quantum of Solace
    3/ From Russia with Love
    4/ Goldfinger
    5/ Skyfall
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  • ChriscoopChriscoop Belize Posts: 10,449MI6 Agent
    I'd struggle as much with Ranking these as I do the films, in the context of the scores accompanying the films. When I listen to the soundtracks in the car or at home I definitely have favourites but they are dictated by mood, TB has some cracking tracks as does DAF, I love arnold's work on Cr and qos too. Ohmss has to be right up there for obvious reasons.
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  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 SwitzerlandPosts: 870MI6 Agent
    Very difficult...








    That's 23 incl. NSNA.
    As for the last two scores, they don't even count in my eyes, they are simply a crime and EON should be ashamed of itself.
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  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,792MI6 Agent
    I'm not a ranker ;) as trying to choose a Bond film etc is like trying to pick a
    favourite from your children ( but it would be the first one ) :D With OHMSS
    they made my perfect Bond film it's also my favourite Book and quite possibly
    my favourite soundtrack.
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  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,170MI6 Agent
    I'm not a ranker ;) as trying to choose a Bond film etc is like trying to pick a
    favourite from your children ( but it would be the first one ) :D With OHMSS
    they made my perfect Bond film it's also my favourite Book and quite possibly
    my favourite soundtrack.

    +1 {[]
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  • Desert KrisDesert Kris Posts: 27MI6 Agent
    The TLD is my favorite, very good score by John Barry. I've listened the CD to death (not literally, the CD is still in great condition. It's a go to for modern John Barry Bond music. Some it's cues sprang up in my head as default Bond music while I was reading Fleming's LALD novel for the first time recently.

    For some reason, I really like DAF soundtrack. It's music was one of the more memorable ones, when I was buying the CD soundtracks. Goldfinger is top-notch, of course.

    I quite like some of the one-off composer soundtracks. LALD and FYEO. Some of FYEO's Olympic sports theme sound makes me laugh or smile, it's a little bit daft, but I like it. I particularly like the track for when Melina's minisub is hunting for the sunken ship, one of my favorite renditions of the JB theme. The Goldeneye soundtrack is very different, I know; I don't think it works well as an isolated listening experience, but I do think it works well as part of the movie (or as music for driving, its fun to listen to in that context).

    I like David Arnold's music, but TND comes on a little strong; TWINE feels like a more measured and relaxed soundtrack to my ears.
  • RJJBRJJB United StatesPosts: 346MI6 Agent
    If I am going to choose a favorite, I would have to go with Goldfinger. It was my first Bond movie and my first soundtrack. In the far off days before the existence of home video, a soundtrack was the best link I had to “relive”the movies. I listened to the GF soundtrack so often that I have it memorized. I have actually watched the movie unable to hear the audio portion, buy can “hear the dialog and soundtrack perfectly from memory. That being said, I also have to sing the praises for John Barry’s work on all his Bond soundtracks. He made each of them distinctive enough that I can identify to which movie each of them belongs. The Barry music made each of them unique, and for some of the movies, which will remain nameless, the Barry soundtrack is the best part of the entire movie. The Barry soundtracks have a rich, sometimes lush, sound that none of the other artist composers for the series can match. They defined Bond and remain unparalleled today.
  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,836MI6 Agent

    Today I got The London Philharmonic Orchestra's version of all the Bond title songs from DN to NTTD on DVD. Luck has it I had some work-related driving to do in the afternoon. I can tell you it sounds great! The LPO has solved the assignment in the best ways, for example LALD is done as a big band jazz number. Even AWTD and DAD sounds good! There I was , happy as a clam, listening to a world-class philharmonic orchestra playing Bond song while I was driving in a landscape that was clearly constructed by ILM or Weta! 😁😀😁

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,836MI6 Agent

    Yes, that's what I meant .....

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