Thought you guys would enjoy this.. (Skyfall Art)

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An artist named Mark Englert did a piece for a show called Alternate Ending in NY.


From the artist for Skyfall: A flashback to Kincade, the groundskeeper teaching a young James to shoot his father's hunting rifle. I took notes while I was in the theater during my second viewing of the movie to make sure I got all the details straight.
He says, "Remember what I taught you; don't let it pull to the left." and in one shot, Bond shoots one of two teacups that are sitting on a tree branch. The trees in the movie are all withered and dying, so I wanted to show them full and blossoming. The house and the grounds are also in better shape than they were in the movie... though, it is still very foggy.
In my mind, it's basically 11 year old James being taught to shoot while his parents are away on a mountain climbing trip.
The movie really set my imagination on a tear and I was dying for them to have a flashback scene. So, i went ahead and did it myself.


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