Bond's influence on YOUR life............?

I'm just curious....How many of you have been inspired enough by the character to actually implement Bond into your daily lives ? No I'm not talking about ordering a Martini with the words "Shaken, not stirred !", but something more profound; Maybe you have developed a habit of breakfast consisting of a soft boiled egg and two pieces of toast. Perhaps you have learned French and German along with boxing and "the basic holds of Judo". Maybe when you go to a casino you play Baccaract ? You ski or snowboard wearing a blue ski outfit ? In dealing with your boss, you imagine them as M ? You take hot, then cold showers ?
It's funny ! There exists this huge self help industry in books, seminars, retreats etc, etc, etc..........But as I get older, I swear that the James Bond character is a pretty damn good blueprint for a man to base his life around ! Maybe that's why I always reread FRWL. Not only does it give detail into Bond's personal habits and routines, but also the way Bond Conducts himself in situations where he is constantly being judged by both strangers and aquaintences. I like the whole concept of the cultured, urbane, bada$$. The World is so Black and White these days: it seems to say "If you're a dandy, your're a wimp....tough men must be uneducated slobs !" As it's been mentioned before, the appeal of Bond is that he's a character that blurs the line between the cultured and a warrior....he glides in and out of these two personas with ease, whereas Clark Kent must find a phone booth to change into Superman.
The bottom line is that a professional, brave, tough, cultured man is a good man to be in this World. Fleming was really onto something !!!
Me ? The character has inspired me to be more professional at my job, and to keep my house cleaner. Whenever my house is disorderly, I say to myself "Would James' house look like this ? No, don't have a Scottish housekeeper ! (For the record, I've always liked travel, martial arts, and sportscars)


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    Intresting topic!

    I'm sure that Bond has inspired my life in some ways, the way i handle myself in certain situations, knowledge about food and wines that i'm sure people in my age wouldn't know what it is (i.e Foie Gras). Then there's also the part of try to be cool in all sorts of situations, to get the right quips at the right moment and to charm a girl with no effort at all. Some of it does work but some doesen't.

    But one thing that i've really been inspired by is the way Craig walks. In a sub-concious kind of way i have adapted his way of walk with one hand in the pocket hand walk quite briskly.
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    It's a little amusing no-one really wants to answer this, because I'm pretty certain many of us intentionally emulate Bond-like behaviors. It's one of the reasons we come to this site and read books on "being Bond" etc.

    As for me the main influence has been sartorial. I'm learning what the wardrobists think makes Bond, well, 007. Cleaner lines, better fits, updated/modern takes on classics. Stylish yet manly. Worldly yet classic.

    Beyond that, probably small things like trying to exude (and actually have) more confidence and inner strength - sort of a "what would Bond do" self-check.

    And lol, I tell friends who complain about my (they claim insane) driving that I learned to drive from the opening sequence of QOS. I drive manual and I push it like the Aston! Once my daughter's out of college, I will own one of those bad boys.

    I think someone mentioned keeping their home neater. I realized reading that I do the same; I've tried to reinvent my home as more modern, stylish and better kept up. What I think I subconsciously imagine would be Bond-style.

    Also - almost forgot.... staying 007 fit. Or at least, trying!
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    It would be far more accurate to say that Ian Fleming has had a profound influence on my life---and, by extension, James Bond. When I was eleven years old, I read "On Her Majesty's Secret Service," which was admittedly over my head at the time, but still managed to ignite a fire in my brain. I said in the 'acknowledgments' section of my book that Fleming showed me just how electrifying the printed word can be, and I stand by that statement. His workmanlike yet brilliantly engaging prose affected me (and surely countless others) like seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan affected a generation of aspiring musicians.

    That aside, my taste in alcoholic beverages and women has doubtlessly been affected by Andrew and Monique's boy :007)
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    What a fab thread!

    Bond is part of my life every day. As others have said, my healthy obsession in keeping the Ouse clean and tidy is one thing. Watching what I eat as I move into middle age and ensuring that I maintain a decent physique, lean and mean. I too try to drive a bit like Bond, but not from QoS, more like the pre credits of OHMSS!

    I think I mentioned that for the past six years my boss was a woman but I moved jobs in January to a place where I am answering to a male "M", so there is the obvious link at work too now (I even call his mixed race PA, Moneypenny which goes down a treat!). Suits, shirts and ties as all of a Bond like theme. The last suit I bought was a slim fit grey one a la the PTS of Skyfall. To date I have not been shot though!

    As far as travel goes, when I can afford it I fly in the front of the plane in Business Class, but even when in economy I try to act cool and curb my excitement as if I am heading on a dangerous mission rather than for a hedonistic week in the sun!

    When eating/drinking yes of course I order Bond like food but that's because I really genuinely like them. I am still waiting for a fan from this forum to take me up on the offer of a few Vespers in Central London but as yet there are no takers!

    Hmmmmmm. Now I'm wondering whether to actually post this article, or will one of you have me sectioned!
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    Interesting threat. I think Bond has played some influence in my life and still does. I dont walk around the street in a Tuxedo, with a fake Walther PPK and order Wodka Martini's, but in terms of Bond's character, I do try to pick things from him. Being a sophisticated man of the world as much as possible (not always easy), trying to look the part, travel as much as possible, stay in control of the situations, charm the ladies and also being able to use people if necesarry for the good cause like Bond does.

    I guess Bond is an easier person to copy the lifestyle than Superman or other super heroes. Maybe that is why he is so loved :)

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    Bond has a large slice from my life.

    First of all I enjoy traveling and when I am looking out of my plane window, often the passage crosses my mind where Fleming writes from a smoking chimney, that he could virtually smell the fresh-brewed coffee from that house.
    When I am on my way to Asia, I am often looking for such a remote house - never seen one ;)

    I learnt to appreciate Rolex watches, sea-island-cotton shirts, cars with leather seats and my 007 passion brought me to some really nice places such as Phuket, southern Japan, Cortina, Venezia and others - places where I hardly would have been without Bond.

    Financially my passion almost made me broke but the house full of memorabilia and I am still enjoying the ride :D

    Personally, I have made some really close and good friends who share my passion, my friend in France and my mates in the UK come to mind ;)
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    Embarrassingly too large an impact...from Martial Arts, to interior Design (Piz Gloria and DR No's lair as inspiration) to clothes, cars (Jaguar & MG as I cannot quite run to Aston or Bentley)
    Even luggage, and Hi- Fi ( I imagine what Bond would have now) Oh and I almost forgot, food and hair ( spent years cultivating that comma)
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    Ive had Bond clothes most of my adult life ,1st pair of Crocketts in 86, always had Harringtons/similar jackets
    always had black/dark navy polos even had a sunspel years ago, had a black cashmere vee neck from simpsons in Piccadilly in 82 , don't even talk about Barbours and Levis :) was wearing white jeans suede chukkas and navy polos before any one had heard of DC ,but have realy got into the Bond life style since DC casino Royal ,and that's only because we went to Nassua before the film came out, And since hanging around with you lot :) my interest in Bond has sky rocketed,the wealth of knowledge here is 2nd to none ,I can now put that
    all important finishing touch to my kit,thanks guys your the best :)
    By the way, did I tell you, I was "Mad"?
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    James Bond actually helped me through depression and stress issues so it had a massive effect on me also I always imagine I'm on a mission and I don't stop thinking about it

    I will always be thankful for James bond
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    -{ Glad you got throught it Bond life {[]

    Like many others Bond got me in to Martial Arts, which led to more self confidence, and
    eventually to running my own business. :D
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    It's brilliant to hear how much Bond has had a positive impact on all our lives. Like many if not most of us, Bond has had the biggest impact on my life, from my taste in clothes, cars, food and wine, watches, just about everything.
    The fitness thing too, martial arts and hitting the gym.
    Before I gave up. I even used to smoke cigarettes with the three gold rings, had a black cigarette case and lighter (TO, didn't you also?).
    I often think, what would Bond do ? If I'm not sure what to do in a situation artwork.
    My wife moans but I'm also sure she's pretty glad that I have a smart ad sophisticated role model like Bond. I cold have modelled myself on George Best or Albert Steptoe ... :))
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  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,696MI6 Agent
    I too had the case and lighter. My mates at school called it my Jr smokers kit. :))
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  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,039MI6 Agent
    Sorry, I meant TP rather than TO (please excuse my poor typing skills) :#
    "How was your lamb?" "Skewered. One sympathises."
  • Bond lifeBond life Posts: 57MI6 Agent
    Bond also led me to taking up shooting archery knife throwing karate and judo so it has been the best thing in my life
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    I speak with an English accent, despite never having been to England before. That's got to count for something, right? :P

    When I moved to Australia in 1990, I spoke very little English, and as such I was very much the introvert who kept to himself, and spent a lot of time staying at home watching Bond films. It's fair to say that I learnt English primarily through watching Bond films :)

    I also enjoy the finer things in life - seafood, wine, champagne ... and I aspire to learn French and drive a Bentley.

    I have some characteristics which are the polar opposite of Bond's, though. I'm not fit at all (hate swimming, particularly at the beach), I don't know any martial arts, and I'm a very messy person.
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    Favourite Bond films list
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    Where were you before moving to Australia? If you came from Wales, UK, then having an English accent may not be such a big achievement! :))
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    Where were you before moving to Australia? If you came from Wales, UK, then having an English accent may not be such a big achievement! :))

    True. On the other hand, if he moved to Australia from the Bronx..............
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  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,696MI6 Agent
    Isn't it known as doing a "Mathis" :))

    Scottish guy playing a French agent, then an Italian guy playing a French agent. :))
    "I've been informed that there ARE a couple of QAnon supporters who are fairly regular posters in AJB."
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,696MI6 Agent
    Charmed and Dangerous wrote :
    Sorry, I meant TP rather than TO (please excuse my poor typing skills) :#

    :)) :)) :))

    I like to think on that score I've got the "Trinity" :D

    Bad spelling,
    Bad Typing, &
    Bad Grammar :007)
    "I've been informed that there ARE a couple of QAnon supporters who are fairly regular posters in AJB."
  • DEFIANT 74205DEFIANT 74205 Perth, AustraliaPosts: 1,881MI6 Agent
    Where were you before moving to Australia? If you came from Wales, UK, then having an English accent may not be such a big achievement! :))

    Hong Kong. Not even an English speaking country!
    "Watch the birdie, you bastard!"

    Favourite Bond films list
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    Bond inspires me to be a lifelong learner. I try to stay open minded to learning new skills whether it's cooking or fencing lessons or learning how to operate heavy machinery. Plus, I brush up on my knowledge of local plants and animals so I can identify rare orchids, poisonous fish, and butterflies as needed. :)
    My current 10 favorite:

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    Bond has influenced me in many ways throughout the years.

    To a certain personal life degree I do take example of the way he deals with things, even if he's just a fictional character. Now, I'm not that old, so I don't want to sound like a cocky young kid who pretends to have had years of lifetime expierence or anything, I'm just giving an example here.
    Throughout my life I had a view girlfriends. Some relationships lasted for years, but one, not that long at all, only about six months. But for some reason that particular girl felt like my 'Vesper' or 'Tracy di Vincenzo'. I had a great relationship with her, I won't dig to deep into the personal stuff, but the bottom line was, In my expierence I shared something special with that girl and the relationship ended abruptly...

    That was over a year ago and since then, kind of in the way Bond deals with his sorrow, I began to look at girls in a more black and white perspective. I've been dating quite a view girls since then, but to be honest, I didn't have any special feelings for any of them, they became more of a 'sidenote' for pleasure in life, but I never let any of them get to close to me anymore. For some reason, none compare to that one special girl or, I'm simply having a shield up because I never want to expierence losing something special again...

    Bond, even if he is only a fictional character, had his heart broken as well, and deals with it quite in the same way. And somehow, that made my way of dealing with it feel all the better! I'm glad I didn't end up in a depression or anything like that, but, since I'm not a secret agent myself, I do still have to learn to one day let another girl get closer to me once again... Guess that takes time!

    Other than that, I probably influenced me in the more lighter stuff as well, the oneliners, manners, way of talking and walking and handling certain situations etc.

    -{ Here's to Mr. Bond, the greatest hero indeed!
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    What a great topic with some very interesting replies. The post from Bond Life really stood out to me bringing up depression and how that helped in some way that is great to see. I also like the comment about keeping your house clean, "Would Jame's house look like this?" its a good point.

    I do find that James Bond does have a big impact on my day to day life in many ways and also God too I feel. I do try and follow in his footsteps as much as possible.

    I dont know how else to say this but I deem myself to be one of the luckiest people alive right now and i am extremely thankfull for it too which is importiant to take into consideration.

    I have a mental health disabilty which makes me exempt from employment which I have found hard to come by but I learn to live with it.

    I do get the essential help and support I need from the correct people.

    I live in a very nice appartment all paid for by the local state because I dont work, I recieve a certain allowance per week to spend on whatever I want. I love my whiskey which I have most evenings whilst relaxing before I go to bed. I do have a guy that I know that I think of as Q because he supplies me with exactly the right type of watch I am looking for at a very very good price. i get free sushi from the local sushi bar, yes i do buy some sushi sometimes to support the local business. I have a very loving family who adopted me, god help them lol. I also have a very good local clothes shop which sell very high quality clothes for a very reasonable price. I love going to Andorra when I can as it is in the mountains and reminds me of James Bond locations. I do some activities in the mountians too which I enjoy. Sometimes if i am at a bar I will order a vodka martini when i get the opportunity.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

    Regards James.
    James Vibert
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    Great thread.

    Bond is partly responsible for my personal and professional interest in firearms, tactics and travel along with my somewhat newfound appreciation for style and wardrobe.

    I have to admit that he did little for my romantic relationships along the way. :))
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    This is really an interesting topic. Even though family tradition played the definitive role in for me to get to military and then government service, Bond has had a strong influence on how I view my own habits.

    1) Quite early on in my life I was taught by my parents of the proper way of dress, what to wear and when. Then when I came to have my own money, I started to appreciate some of the finer things in life, and maybe in contrast to the quite somber day to day professional wear issued to me (uniform), I turned into a something of a dandy on my days off. Ian Fleming and James Bond changed all this. I started to buy less, and of a better quality, and made the point of finding clothes that were low on flash. Quite often, when I'm in a suit, it's navy blue with white or light blue shirt and a black knitted tie with moccasin shoes (loafers). I applied this same approach on lot of things I buy, to the consternation of my wife. What I see as "patina", she sees old and worn things that should be replaced with new stuff.
    2) I eat simple lunches when at work. I don't travel that much and in my industry, there is too much oversight to get away with extravagant meals in the expense report. But I am lucky to be someone who likes to spend time in kitchen, so I can satisfy my hunger for better food in home. and you all know what I eat for breakfast....
    3) I did that cigarette lighter and case thing.
    4) Martial arts. My job gets me to firing range once or twice a year.
    5) I feel secret guilty pleasure over throwing my suit jacket on the floor or on some random chair, when I feel I don't want to wear it. I have done this occasionally at meetings also.
    6) Bourbon, on the rocks, first pull always long then add some more bourbon.
    7) G&T from TMWGG, you have find the correct limes.
    8) Tie knot

    I'm sure that there is more. I have read the Fleming Bond series over the course of 30 years I have owned it at least a dozen times already. One is certain to absorb some of the habits and attitudes with that amount of exposure!

    What I find interesting, is that a lot of these things have come over time. With out this thread I wouldn't have started to think about these things. There are few things that I do consciously; like the jacket and bourbon, there are things that I wanted because of Bond, like the lighter and cigarette case way back when I smoked. Also something to consider is, that most of if not all of it comes from Ian Fleming. I think in my younger days I would probably have found DCs Bond quite attractive choice. Now he just seems like brash noveau riche middle class chav. PB was Bond for the business elites of the '90s, his best performance as an agent IMHO was in The Matador. I think I have most in common with Timothy Dalton and his wardrobe. Just forget about RM and GL. Sean Connery, what can I say, he's an icon, from him I adopted Red Stripe and slap on rump (of my wife mind you) and on occasion it is hard to resist "I'd say it's a 30-year-old fine, indifferently blended ... with an overdose of bon bois.".
    "I mean, she almost kills bond...with her ass."
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