Where is Napoleon Plural??



  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,347MI6 Agent

    I wouldn't wan to spoil it ....

    I hope you'll spend more time her ein AJB, NP. Just do what I do and concince yourself Chris1's reviews are too long and intelectual to be any good. 😁

  • Lady RoseLady Rose London,UKPosts: 2,667MI6 Agent

    I understand you NP. I cannot emphasise how much NTTD peed me off. The producers are going to work extremely hard to win me back to the franchise after that.

    It was on TV recently and I just turned over.

  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 10,100MI6 Agent

    Oh look, Thunderpussy is back! Well, he slopes off for a while from time to time, there isn't an incident about it. Are you watching the re-runs of It Aint Half Hot Mum, TP? On 'That's TV!' The reviews of it on imdb are highly entertaining, as is its Wiki page.

    Anyway, that's me for a stint. Like I say, it's good to faff off for a bit, there's not much in the world of Bond at the moment and with Barbie and Oppenheimer the big summer movies, it's kinda thin gruel all round imo. Was getting tired of my ajb persona a bit.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 10,100MI6 Agent

    Ah, just as I posted this, LR turns up! I know, NTTD is the one Bond I've not seen twice, I watched it up to the Norway scene on New Year's Day and then only the pre-credits last time, which admittedly has its moments, not least the Bond girl looking like Brigitte Jones. After that, nah, didn't bother.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,792MI6 Agent

    NP, I've a huge collection of old comedy DVDs as I expect many to be seen as too problematic for streaming in years to come. So

    I'm trying to get my favourites on physical media before they disappear. I couldn't believe the last time " Evil Under the Sun " was

    shown by the BBC it was edited, they took out a couple of " Bitch " expletives, which actually were very funny in the film.

    Enjoy your time away, Like yourself I haven't watched NTTD too often probably just twice and I agree with @Lady Rose I'm

    not a fan of it, It could have been so much Better but I guess to get DC back they had to give him his big dramatic ending. Although

    It has finished Me with Bond after 48 years, I have little to No interest in the franchise haven't bought any of the new Books

    "Double or Nothing" and "On His Majesties Secret Service". Once I'd have had them on pre-order,

    I'm now a sad old git watching my favourites on my Blu-ray Projector in my "Man cave" re-living my Teens , Honestly I'm

    more excited by the Mission Impossible series, They are the Best action Movie series at the Moment Far better than the

    last few Bond films, ( In my opinion )

    "I've been informed that there ARE a couple of QAnon supporters who are fairly regular posters in AJB."
  • CoolHandBondCoolHandBond Mactan IslandPosts: 5,753MI6 Agent

    I agree with everything that @Thunderpussy says above.

    The streaming service I use here has a huge amount of old TV sitcoms that would appear to be unable to be broadcast in the UK anymore - I’m currently watching Please Sir!, Mind Your Language and On The Buses.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 2,977MI6 Agent

    If only...

    I was wanting to read your reviews on It Ain't Half Hot Mum...

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 35,582Chief of Staff

    I watched NTTD twice in the cinema, bought a copy for home then watched it once. For that is unheard of, as I've said before. I normally watch the Bond films repeatedly and some might say obsessively (before home media the local cinemas made a fortune from me)... but not this time.

    I have fought hard to stop it putting me off the franchise as a whole, having invested too much time and money and feelings- I might as well say "love" cos that's what it boils down to- over far too many years to let one movie stop me. This has worked for me, though I appreciate it might not work for everybody. This of course relates to my continuing presence here and I would be very sad to not see everyone above continue here also, though obviously your reasons are completely understandable.

    Pussy- I didn't care much for "Double Or Nothing" but I enjoyed OHisMSS very much, please give it a go. I hope that after this rest period your interest will spark again.

    NP- You don't have to keep up the persona. As Frank Sinatra said to Tony Bennett, "You can only be yourself- but you're good at that".

    Lady R- I completely agree with your feelings about the producers (as I make clear often in a certain thread), but there's a whole back catalogue plus continuing novels etc. And rivals- at the moment I'm working through "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." which ain't Bond but it's in the ballpark. I still watch an old Matt Helm or Harry Palmer or... you get the idea, every now and then.

    CHB- I would miss your PMs very much, as well as your comments and topics (I love the book covers).

    Hell, I'm just an old sentimental bag of mush. Everyone, I won't send you PMs about this but please talk to me if you like and don't want to talk here (which I would encourage).

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,857MI6 Agent

    what I like is how you veteran agents delurk within seconds when you see a post of interest ... obviously your out there and we need to find more topics to interest you

    personally I am more interested in vintage SpyMania than I am in who will be the next James Bond, and like @Barbel would rather be talking bout the Man From UNCLE, or @chrisno1 's Persuaders thread. Nobody I know in real life can talk vintage SpyMania, so I'm glad folks want to talk about these old shows here.

  • TonyDPTonyDP Inside the MonolithPosts: 4,267MI6 Agent

    Don't know when this became the "Let's all slag on how NTTD ruined the franchise", but I'll be happy to join in. After all, misery loves company. I watched NTTD exactly once, and I didn't even bother to sit thru the credits or wait for the obligatory "James Bond Will Return..." tag at the end. My only thought was if this is what passes as Bond these days, he's better off just staying away. Not only could I not be bothered to buy the DVD, my experience with the movie was so bad I actually threw all the prior Craig entries into the dumpster as well. Good riddance to the whole mess as far as I'm concerned.

    @caractacus potts, my brother and I also grew up on vintage SpyMania shows; even though it's a comedy, I'd add Get Smart to the list, a marvelous sendup of the genre. If you haven't seen it, by all means seek it out.

  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 10,100MI6 Agent

    'You've lost interest in Bond,' the doctor says. 'When did you first notice this?'

    'Twice at the cinema and once again on DVD,' he replies.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,857MI6 Agent

    @TonyDP I almost mentioned Get Smart! great minds think alike.

    I have the boxed set, and recently finished the fifth season. I would love to have more in-depth discussion of the show, maybe even an episode-by-episode review thread.

    Siegfried is the best archenemy ever. one of my coworkers recently used the phrase "agent of chaos" in a meeting, and I immediately blurted out "Shtarker, zees ees KAOS!!!, ve do not toot-diddly-toot een KAOS!!!". A real test of cultural literacy recognising that phrase, fortunately my coworker was hip though others in the room looked confused.

  • TonyDPTonyDP Inside the MonolithPosts: 4,267MI6 Agent
    edited September 1

    Sigfried was great but my favorite was always The Claw, horribly un-PC by today's standards but still a hoot with his inability to say the letter "L"

    I've watched every episode at least 500 times. Would you believe it? 500 times.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,857MI6 Agent

    I find that very hard to believe

  • Number24Number24 NorwayPosts: 21,347MI6 Agent

    I think NTTD is very well made (in most ways) and James Bond's death worked very well for Craig's Bond. How it worked out for the Bond series ..... we won't know that in years.

  • Lady RoseLady Rose London,UKPosts: 2,667MI6 Agent

    One mention of NP and we all come out of the woodwork. 🤣

  • TonyDPTonyDP Inside the MonolithPosts: 4,267MI6 Agent

    Well, if only thru attrition he has become one of the elder statesmen of AJB.

  • Silhouette ManSilhouette Man The last refuge of a scoundrelPosts: 8,362MI6 Agent

    Yes, I sometimes forget you're on Twitter (or X or whatever it's called now) as I try to use it sparingly if I can. Some of the new settings concerning privacy are becoming a bit of a concern. Elon Musk's takeover of the social media app has caused some upheaval to put it mildly. Still, at least it's more successful than Mark Zuckerberg's new rival app Threads which is floundering now after a very promising start.

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