OHMSS Glasses and Atlas

Glasses finally arrived today. Thanks to Andy, they are the correct ones! Nighthawk Driving Glasses.
Not near the Aston tonite, so I couldn't take a proper photo, but here's my desktop creation.
Will do a proper shoot someday soon. Car is apart, and the seats are out and up in the loft, whilst I service the gearbox, which is also out. So are the carburettors. So is the exhaust. Oh yes, and the radiator had to come out. Oh, and most of the interior to get the gearbox out.
Prop shaft too...
...well, you get it...

Thanks to everyone for their kind help in obtaining two really iconic pieces, at least, for me.
The hunt for these items is so much fun, and I'm grateful to my fellow collectors for all your assistance.

Next: suitcase (working on it now) , then Lazenby's lighter and cigarette case...and the cigarettes....
I'm sick.





  • ThunderpussyThunderpussy Behind you !Posts: 63,792MI6 Agent
    They look great. -{ congratulations and good luck with your
    Continuing quest. :D {[]
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  • Gadget MeisterGadget Meister Bicester, OxonPosts: 1,972MI6 Agent
    Tom, looking good.

    As to the Lighter and Case, there I think you'll be out of luck. I believe the case was a one off and the lighter also. As far as I am aware these are the original Connery items, Dunhill Full Cap long roller Broadboy with a smooth gunmetal finish and the the same finish on the case. You'll come close but that's about it. Unless of course any of our esteemed members know better?
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