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Thought I'd start a thread for all sorts of Bond related bits and pieces.
As some times You can come across a Bond related story or link but
Find it doesn't really fit in any thread, as it may be only slightly connected
With 007.
Like yesterday in The Mirror, Ronan Keating stated he'd love to play Bond.
and as the musical he's in is produced by Barbara Broccoli, he might have
A chance :)) .
Found this cutting on how Hoover didn't want the FBI mentioned in GF !
The files show how spooked the FBI became at the prospect of being portrayed in the 1964 Bond movie Goldfinger, in which 007 foils the eponymous baddie in an attempt to steal bullion from Fort Knox.
Older story now, about the theft of several Rang Rovers on their way to SPECTRE.
It the cost that got me, I'd never thought about it before . £630,000 :o
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