What changes were made to the original script?



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    One thing that stood out is that Bond (final third) played out all of Ms role (confronting C)

    Guess they realised Bond couldnt be in two places or M deserved a bigger role
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    yep agree, some good ideas indeed -{
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    I think the "Solar Torture Room" or whatever it was called will definately make an appearance in the future.

    I wonder if the Blofeld SPECTRE thing will end up being as a trilogy as they suggest.

    Having listened to the JB Radio broadcast the film now makes a lot more sense and some of the plot holes have been rectified imo.

    But as they say in the broadcast a one line statement from Blofeld would have cleared up a lot of issues up.

    I also agree with them that the last line of the film with Bond saying We have all the time in the World would have worked great, and the audience probably would have left feeling a lot more satisfied that what we actually ended up with.

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  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,299MI6 Agent
    Im actually interested to see how Blofeld "breaks out / escapes"

    SPECTRE associations break him free physically?


    maybe he covered his tracks and no evidence of wrong doing and somehow legally escaped in a more clever scenario

    Just an idea {:)
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    I'd like to see him take up residence in a local embassy, :D
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    I didn't see Bond throwing the tape down as him "getting over her"
    To be honest I don't know if he ever 100% has.
    Craig's Bond has changed for me alot since CR and that adventure left him permanently scarred, can he love again? Sure, but not on the same level he loved Vesper.

    I think him throwing down the tape was him not wanting to be reminded, picking at an old wound.
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    Very good read, I prefer that script to what we had, especially the torture.
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    welshboy78 wrote:

    One thing that stood out is that Bond (final third) played out all of Ms role (confronting C)

    Guess they realised Bond couldnt be in two places or M deserved a bigger role

    I thought this was very odd as well; I guess though that the main thrust of the film is Bond v. Blofeld and their personal battle against each other so it would be hard for him to be fighting C and Blofeld. It's mainly M that has the real battle with C so I guess it made sense that he would be the one to take him down- and probably they thought the punchline of C's name wouldn't work with Bond saying it at that moment. It's a bit of a shame because if they'd split the two plotlines to have Spectre in one film and the Nine Eyes in another film (I know they're linked but they could unlink them), Bond would be able to carry out an assignment rather than another personal mission.

    I guess also it makes M look less of a bureaucrat and more on Bond's side.
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    There was no Blofeld twist.

    Bond throws his gun into the river before driving away with Madeleine.
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    I finally read the scripts in the link. Very interesting, why didn't I do it earlier?

    A few comments:

    - The Scandinavian location and girl were only in the earliest scripts

    - I like the idea of Blofeld's illnes

    - Mendes can really be blame for the mess with Bond's childhood!

    - The dialogue in M's office. M suggest Bond is crazy and Bond asks if M should be alone with him if that's the case. This reminds me a lot of the opening scene of TMWTGG
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