Unfilmed/Unreleased deleted scenes



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    Matt S wrote:
    Are you guys talking about that unsold TF suit on ebay? with the accompanying red tie? I'm glad it was never chosen because its way to gaudy for Bond. Don't even know why it was even considered an option.

    Cream suit gaudy? The cream suit is a classic for Bond and something that four of the Bond actors wore as Bond. The red tie wasn't part of the outfit.

    The cream suit would have been superior to the brown suit that was chosen in almost every way. Throw in a navy knit tie and a pink shirt and you've got Bond's Palacio outfit from OHMSS!

    The brown suit he wears is one of my favourite outfits of the entire Bond series.
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    Calvin Dyson recently covered many of the deleted scenes discussed here in a You Tube video:

    Defiantly worth checking out if you have not seen it already since it covers a number of scenes from the films not discussed here.
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    Not missing scene but i wish Bowie wouldve voiced Zorin in the AVTAK story book tape (Zorin has a french accent in it :s , at least then we wouldve gotten an idea of how hed be in the part
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    This is an interesting discussion. I will look at these scenes.

    I actually have not yet seen all of the James Bond films (but this is because I am disappointed by one of the actors and his portayal of James Bond and have no desire to see the rest of his films)
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