Goldeneye was a great game but it basically ruined the bond license

McmadnessMcmadness Posts: 26MI6 Agent
in the sense that developers seem to be under the impression that James Bond games HAVE to be action shooters with mild stealth elements.

I'd love some adventure games or perhaps rip off the Hitman series but make it more bond oriented. Just something that isn't an action shooter.
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  • DracolisDracolis Posts: 17MI6 Agent
    I could imagine an adventure game of Bond but one thing I think would work is a GTA like model.
  • moneyofpropremoneyofpropre Posts: 32MI6 Agent
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    1997 guys, 1997...
  • James SuzukiJames Suzuki New ZealandPosts: 2,405MI6 Agent
    Open World RPG James Bond Game is something we can only dream of...
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  • DutchJamesBondFanDutchJamesBondFan the NetherlandsPosts: 399MI6 Agent
    I totally don't agree, I think James Bond shouldn't be a open world game. Bond is in different locations all the time, something like that could never happen in an open world game. In EON Bond is in Russia, New Orleans, Peru, Egypt, those locations could never have happend if the game was opend world. Altough I'd love more freedom, I don't think open world is ideal, also, after a while even a open world without anything to do (like Mafia II which is a brilliant game) gets boring. You can't espect from a Bondgame to become a GTA type of game where you can do lots of different thing.
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