No Time To Die wardrobe: possible spoilers



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    Amusingly there are friends of a certain influencer who have posted instagram stories wearing *identical* shorts.

    Given the film is now out in most major markets it would be nice if someone, respecting all agreements for not naming a brand, was able to say 'there will be an announcement - be patient'. Or - 'this is one of those items you had to get in 2018/19 or get tipped off about and will now only be available second hand' subject to usual gouging and bartering.

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    To the detectives out there much better than me, has it been considered these are more of a lounge type short? Looks like the material could be something similar to a poly dri fit type instead of a swimshort? Again, could be completely wrong BUT just throwing it out there.

    Also, ironic that it will be snowing by the time/if we ever even find out who makes these and also that they most likely were part of several seasons ago.

    If the brand is trying to get more stock, (this was my initial guess) but.. it’s going into November, not exactly prime time for releasing shorts and then if they are in fact working on producing then we’re probably waiting till spring. I just dont understand any of it. I also am interested but have started caring less and less especially with something so basic with such little screen time.

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    One other disappointment with this film - So many items got so little screen time - even with the eight hour run time! Annoying that items like the RT jacket got no more time than in the trailers. In the end, he could easily have been wearing that in Norway instead of the Massimo Alba cloak of visibility. Bah!

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    Cloak of visibility hahahaha

    couldnt agree more with the screen time comment. I personally took so long doing research on which particular items I wanted to purchase and the RGT jacket was one I was so pumped to have, great jacket don’t get me wrong but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t slight heartbreak when he wore for all of 7 seconds or whatever it was. I also couldn’t help but laugh. Felt like this as soon as the garage scene ended..

    (Apologies for double photo, its the same one twice, wont let me/ i dont know how to delete)

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    edited October 10 looks like everyone might have gone and bought the wrong Anderson and Sheppard henley..."the linen in off white" I know some

    mentioned that the henley looked to be a brighter white but it had the linen texture not the solid cotton texture...

    It seems I found that they did make a "white linen henley" in addition to an "off white" one.

    Well that's unfortunate. Now I'm wondering if the short sleeve version they are going to release will be off white or white.

    Here's what I found:

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  • lippelippe Posts: 130MI6 Agent

    I've seen the film a few times now. RE; the baseball cap, I swear that in the few fleeting moments that it's on screen, the front shows an embroidered logo in the same navy colour way.

  • trigger_fingertrigger_finger Posts: 51MI6 Agent

    So it is or it isn't the off white that was used for the film?

    (I missed that discussion)

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    It was confirmed by AS as the off white - but they could have made a mistake.

    The filters in the film are so strong it’s difficult to tell for sure. But if all we have to go off is the AS confirmation, then that’s that.

  • trigger_fingertrigger_finger Posts: 51MI6 Agent

    Sooo...I'm assuming the short sleeve version to be released soon is off white and not white??

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    OR you could buy 2 off white Anderson henleys, spend $600 and bleach one of them bright white and wear them both at the same time to make SURE you are "screen accurate". 🤭

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    Looks like the N Peal pants have sold out in smaller sizes :( that’ll teach me for thinking they won’t be that popular… anyone know if they will restock?

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,184MI6 Agent

    They will definitely restock.

    Have you checked 007 store? They had all sizes

    Skewered, one sympathises...

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    Question, so all the people that “knew” what the shorts were.. the movie has premiered and had its general release. From what I heard, nothing could be said until the movie comes out. Well it’s out now and crickets. I’m really starting to believe people maybe strongly thought they knew what they were, made it seem like they 100% knew, maybe really just never did.

    If people really do actually know, all I ask is not to lead us on saying you’ll tell us soon (forever ago) then nothing. I understand there is probably no maliciousness intended by any means but at this point it is coming off as a little “ I know something you don’t know.” Not to mention the fact that some people on here have said they’ve seen members wearing shorts that look an awful lot like them. Meaning they knew, purchased, but are keeping a secret just to keep a secret. Maybe even letting their friends know.

    Movie is out, we’ve all been searching for months, yr, or even more. The longer ppl wait and hold info, the less chance there is for us in the community to buy. Not trying to come off as mean or anything haha they are just shorts I get it but goodness some us are so tired of searching everywhere if in fact someone does and has known for a while.

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    I recently ordered two different sizes of the rgt supply jacket in Tan and decided to keep the medium, but I noticed that the color of the jackets were different. Those that have ordered a the jacket, have you noticed the same thing?

  • JigenJigen Posts: 63MI6 Agent

    I did notice a difference between my Medium, and other rgt supply jackets and I do prefer the darker hue. What's the size you're not keeping? I'm still looking for a size Large.

  • RichardCard82RichardCard82 Posts: 42MI6 Agent

    Here’s the RGT jacket before and after the movie. I wear a large

  • xzther13xzther13 Posts: 6MI6 Agent
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    this was small and medium. I decided to keep the medium, the small was too tight in the armpits. In the photo, you can also see a peak of the R&B henley. I got both a size small and medium and kept the small. What was weird was that I ordered both from R&B and one came with the cream placket while the other came with the white one. Over sharing but just want to share in case others are reading.

  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 117MI6 Agent

    This is very interesting. Does it look that way on the front side too or just the back?

  • xzther13xzther13 Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    when I get home I can take pictures of the front before I send the medium back

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    Quick question regarding the NTTD Omega… I may have missed it. Is the watch pouch/ case that the retail version comes in, was it in the movie? Maybe in the background of his place in Jamaica? Thanks 🍻

  • km1fdmkm1fdm USAPosts: 163MI6 Agent

    Yes, I linked the Burberry hat earlier in this thread.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,095MI6 Agent

    I ordered Small and Medium RGT last year and they were slightly different colours. I passed on the medium so can't remember which was lighter or darker now. Guess cut from a different material run? Both are fine IMO, but I would say the lighter looks more SA.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    Are you sure both henleys don't have the same off-white/beige-ish placket? Or can you really spot the difference? In your photos the plackets look really similar in terms of color. I ask because I too ordered a medium and my placket is more off-white while the rest of the henley is a solid white.

  • xzther13xzther13 Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    Here are photos of the small and medium henley. The small has the white placket while the medium has the off-white one. To make sure I was not seeing things I showed the shirt to two different people and they both agreed that the medium placket was off white and the small was white. It's subtle but definitely there.

  • xzther13xzther13 Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    also I got a reply from RGT themselves when I asked about the RGT jacket color. I kept the darker hue since it was my size, but both hues looks really good.

    "Yes, over the years (we've been producing this jacket since 2014), there have been different shade lots from the fabric mill, this is noted on the product page and unfortunately it's just part of the dying process at the mill. So it looks like you received jackets from 2 different production lots. We've been working with the mill to get a shade kind of between the 2 that you have, and it will be more consistent moving forward. - RGT"

  • xzther13xzther13 Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    I also got a reply back from the RGT team in regards to the different hues in the RGT jacket. I kept the darker one since it was my correct size, but both colors look good.

    Yes, over the years (we've been producing this jacket since 2014), there have been different shade lots from the fabric mill, this is noted on the product page and unfortunately it's just part of the dying process at the mill. So it looks like you received jackets from 2 different production lots. We've been working with the mill to get a shade kind of between the 2 that you have, and it will be more consistent moving forward. - RGT

  • bondfan10bondfan10 Posts: 50MI6 Agent

    Thanks for that. It seems like there's an issue regarding the plackets with the medium henleys.

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