Anyone play HITMAN (2016)?

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I'm not sure if anyone has already discussed this but first, I have to off myself as a big Hitman fan.
Currently, I haven't found a game series nearing its uniqueness, yet in the assassin's latest instalment, you can't help but notice how many references there are to Bond.
When I used to play the game, I was part of the Hitman forum, a place that I no longer frequent due to the lack of new levels for the game, and there I even made a topic about how many references there were to Bond.
Check it out if you wanna:
IOI has certainly exploited the fact that there isn't a decent Bond game right now and the mysterious-tourist-using-a-businessman-as-a-cover-while-having-different-motives is the closest thing we have to it for the time being.

Have truly enjoyed the game and it will be able to be replayed for years and years to come but I would like to get some input from you wonderful people about it.
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    I recently finished the story on the most recent Hitman game; I've played a few over the years but have enjoyed the last 2 or 3 installments the most due to the greater freedom of movement. It's a deep game and there is still a lot in it to explore (I've hardly touched contracts mode). I also love the oddly humorous touches in the game (like dressing as a male model and walking the catwalk to complete a contract). The series has definitely evolved into something that could exist in James Bond's world.
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    I've played the demo that was released recently. I liked the death with the ejector seat the best.
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