First of multiple part scene-by-scene review of Spectre film

Saw Spectre on TV last night for the first time, having avoided seeing it on the big screen due to my disappointment with Skyfall. I enjoyed it more than Skyfall or the previous Craig Bond films. I still felt that it was too laboured down in Bond’s past history but appreciated the attempt by Mendes to re-introduce Spectre and some of the Spectre iconography and eccentricities of FRWL and TB.

Looking for reviews of Spectre online, I came across this one—the first of multiple part scene-by-scene review of Spectre:

Obviously with it being from it is critical of the film. I’ve only read the first instalment of the reviews and some of the points it make about the various plot weaknesses and flaws in production elements in the film’s opening scenes makes sense.

I’m posting this not to start a row but to see if people here noticed some of these things themselves. And if so do they think it matters in a Bond film?


  • walther p99walther p99 NJPosts: 3,416MI6 Agent
    Didn't know still existed :)) but even beyond the opening scene Bond does a lot of stupid things in Spectre. Sure he has a license to kill but that doesn't mean recklessly endangering and potentially killing civilians every chance you get.
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