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    Heya, guys! Sorry I was offline for so long, had other things to do and I lost my internet for a short amount of time. But don't worry, I'm back now.

    So then, anyone want to talk about the censorial changes made to the film that might be in the workprint? :)
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    Hello dear 007 Fans,

    i'm highly interested in the Goldeneye Workprint and since i know that he exist, i would die for to get the Workprint. I know that the Workprint is hoardet by Hard Core Bond Fans, and i know that they wont sharing him easely (if they even do this) well this brings me to my Question, what must i do to get the Workprint? how can i earn enough trust to the people who have this Workprint? The second thing is i can absolutley understand why they wont sharing the Workprint to anyone, because they wanted to keep them rare. It would be an honor if anyone could share this Workprint with me and if i must anything do to proof my loyality, so then i'll will do it.
    I would even pay for the Workprint.

    I hope that someone here could help me with that:) but i believe that will be pointless, since the Workprint is extremley rare and just for Hard Core Bond Fans.

    Thank you for you'r replys
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    Bond007Fan wrote:
    emtiem wrote:
    Bond007Fan wrote:
    My guess is the uploader added the music artificially in place of the footage without music.

    But what’s the point of that? The music is the only thing that makes it different: all of the footage is identical to the finished film isn’t it? And I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of Out of Africa being used as a temp track there before; hence the finished music bearing such a close resemblance.

    I wonder if this isn’t a workprint but some sort of highlights reel sent out to persuade important types of how Brosnan will work out as Bond: hence the spoiler of Alec’s death being omitted. It shows Brosnan doing some spy stuff, some suave stuff and a bit of villain confrontation too: just what you would do to show off your new star to some industry insiders. Maybe even film journos?

    The lack of cutting in the music makes me very suspicious of this being a workprint.
    While your highlights reel theory sounds reasonable, this is indeed a compilation of clips from the workprint. The footage is in low quality, and practically most workprints are in low quality, so there's proof for ya.

    In fact, go to the video web address and ask in the comments why Alec's uncut death is omitted from the compilation. I did something similar and got a reply back lickity-split.

    Take some of his other videos as more proof that a workprint does indeed exist of the film. Like the deleted barrel shot (if you can find it) and the alternate takes of dialogue.

    If any of you have any suspicions of the workprint, take it up with Mr. Bolton or the Workprint Collectors on Facebook.

    Aha, interesting to see this thread back again. I see a comment has been added on that YouTube video which says:

    Patrick Concannon
    9 months ago
    Trevelyan death was cut to prevent spoiling it for audiences as this footage originates from a 13 minute French MGM promo video entitled "Decouvrez les Secrets du Tournage de GoldenEye" and not a full-length workprint, as Robert Bolton would have you believe. Originally broadcast/available via MGM Home Video in 1995, and uploaded to YouTube in April 2016, here:

    So it is, as I suspected, from a highlights reel and not a full version of a workprint.


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    In the same maner as emtiem showed that the workprint footage was just from French MGM promo video it can be shown that this "screencap from the uncut version of the Admiral/Xenia sex scene" is actually just a frame from the normal cut version of the Admiral/Xenia sex scene that everyone knows allready. The fake uncut screencap is just cropped more on all sides and the colors are slidly changed, but apart from this it shows exact the same frame that I crapped from the normal version. That this is in both cases the same frame can be easily seen as the shadow and the water reflection on the wall are exactly the same.

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    Anyone still interested in this topic?

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