Real life inspiration for James Bond's second kill?



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    what happened to the post Number24 is responding to?

    I remember reading it yesterday morning, it was there, a new member knew exactly the bits of info 24 is interested in from family history, and now that post 's disappeared completely

    looking at the list of new members at the side, would that have been "atorp", who is from Norway which makes sense, joined yesterday, and has zero posts? would some glitch in the new forum software have accidentally deleted all of a new member's posts?

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    It's strange. Hopefully he returns, James Bond style.

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    I'm wondering if its some setting @SiCo didnt quite fix when he changed the forum software?

    remember for a while if we edited a post it disappeared, that turned out to be because of some setting not set right.

    I looked at that list of new members to our right, and none of them have any posts. Yet I'd bet it was the new member from Norway who would have posted your WWII spy info. I checked through recent threads, and I actually don't notice any posts from new members who've joined in recent months, maybe since @SiCo changed the forum software. Any names I didn't recognise were actually old members who just post very rarely. Surely new members who've bothered to sign up would want to post not just lurk?

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    Are you asking me a technically question? 😅

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    of course not, just thinking "out loud", and sorry for digressing your thread one more time.

    I should ask the above question in @SiCo 's Welcome to the NEW Forum thread.

    we now return you to our regularly schedule Historical Research thread

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    For some reason the post got caught in the Spam Filter 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ve now restored it 🍸

    YNWA 97
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    Thanks! 🤓

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    thanks @Sir Miles !

    new member atorp obviously put some time into writing that and it answers exactly what TwoFour is looking for, so it'd be a shame to disappear into the SPAM filter

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    Ref: Andrew Gade-Torp.

    Many thanks for the information on Andrew Gate-Torp. The lack of information on him in the TNA at Kew has always frustrated me, as I was aware AGT was witness to the shooting of Warholm.

    Yes, Pevik knew Warholm well from earlier times in Trondheim. He also lived close to him on the outskirts of London during Warholm's time here prior to his deportation to Sweden.

    The story about taking the body to the Minister's residence has never added up. That said, it was the only information on hand, but it's good to read that disposal of the body may have been more direct. Tikken Manus' part is well-known, and I wrote to her to ask about her role. Sadly, she was too ill to reply and passed away shortly after. I met with her daughter sometime afterwards, but it seems the secret of what happened died with Tikken.

    I too believe the killing wasn't personal. Arthur knew his brother was alive at the time, and that it was due to tragic circumstances he'd been caught. I have not found anything to make me reconsider.

    And you're right about the body being dumped in a bog and not recovered. In recent times, the historian, Rolf Dahlø, confided he knew the approximate location of the remains. Sadly, he also passed away before matters could be taken further.

    Finally, if you'd like to make direct contact - I have a small amount of info on 'Vestige XII' - please email me:

    Kind regards, Bob

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    This story is indeed facinating and you have studied it closer than I have. It's a shame Tikken Manus wasn't able to help you, but you tried. Tikken was a real life Moneypenny and I dare say she took many secret to her grave.

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