TOM FORD HARRINGTON Project 2 (2019)



  • Monsieur Le ChiffreMonsieur Le Chiffre LondonPosts: 129MI6 Agent
    edited June 7

    In that case can I please add my name to the list for a navy :)

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  • DominickCharlieDominickCharlie Posts: 3MI6 Agent
    edited June 20

    Hello Team,

    I would love to be added to the list for a Navy as well!

    If anyone has a size 46 they would like to sell me in the interim, please reach out.

    • Charlie D

    Also, long time lurker first time poster and I am quite embarrassed my first attempt had a spelling error… If I have messed up any forum etiquette please let me know because sometimes I see people repost the entire list and then add themselves and other times they don’t so I was not sure what way is right.

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