Eight caskets under flags

nobodynobody Posts: 110MI6 Agent
I remember seeing a still of the eight caskets under draped flags during production of “Skyfall”. Re-watching it now, I wonder if it was ever the intention to have had Silva responsible for taking out the entire “00” section, leaving of course only 007? Anyone know if this was the case? It also seems like there might have originally been more to the M/Silva relationship (mother/son perhaps?) than wound up onscreen...


  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 7,462MI6 Agent
    It wasn’t the OO section, but SIS employees caught in the explosion. Quite a long scene filmed at Greenwich. Same place where Nelsons body was displayed before the funeral. Shame they cut it. It was very poignant.

    And yes, the mother son was scripted right up to shooting. They shouldn’t have cut that either as it makes the whole script and story stand up.
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