James Bond games Quantum, Bloodstone & Legends.

You'veHadYourSixYou'veHadYourSix Posts: 79MI6 Agent
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Does anyone want to play quantum, bloodstone or legends multiplayer on ps3? PM me for my gamername.

The online is dead but could be fun having a couple games on the run up to bond 25.


  • Trigger_MortisTrigger_Mortis Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    I found the entire Craig-era of Bond gaming to be the absolute nadir of 007 video games.

    Quantum - Lazy product promotion to coincide with the film (it actually came out just before the film, which is telling)

    Bloodstone - generic, run and gun action adventure. But, it was nice to see Daniel and Judi reprise their roles.

    Goldeneye remake - a game that has no right to call itself Goldeneye

    Legends - the game that has killed Bond gaming, up until I/O's announcement.

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