Poll: What title do you want for future Bond movies?



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    Karl May is a new one on me. I certainly had no copies of his books for sale, I’m wondering if he was ever printed in UK editions? I had a very lively Westerns section in the shop, but it was JT Edson and the Piccadilly Cowboys series that sold most (Edge, Crow, Herne the Hunter etc.).

    I have heard of the Shatterhand movies but haven’t seen any of those either.

    Shatterhand would be a really good title for a Bond movie, but my wish is for the series to reboot and follow the order of the books, with updated versions of the novels as so brilliantly done with CR. I also think a relatively unknown actor, about 30, should be cast, and tied up with a 10 picture deal with one being released every 2 years. It won’t happen, but that’s what I want!!

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    Living For The Second Time.

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    Dance with the the devil

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    A member of the other place suggested Oedipussy! 😂

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    In light of the ending of NTTD I think there's a row of titles that should be avoided for Bond26. This is because they can be seen as references to Bond's death or suggesting that Bond actually survived. Among them are:

    - License renewed

    - Garden of death

    - Death leaves an echo

    Generally speaking I think the word "death" should be avoided in the title of Bond26. I liked "For Queen and country" but after the death of her Majesty I think Charles needs to become more popular before "For king and country" becomes a good option. But there are titles I would like to see for Bond26, including:

    - A whisper of hate

    - Double or nothing

    - For special services

    - Risico

    - Where devils fear (to tread)

    - Blood runs cold

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    I see these two titles mentioned in The Other Place:

    - To walk on (shattered) glass

    - Have a nice death

    I also want to repeat a suggestion of my own. In Norway we have the word "Ildsjel" that we use about idealists. A direct translation is:

    - FireSoul

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    Of course "death" is mentioned in one of those titles ..... 😂

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    Come What May

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    I'd also like to see:

    Serpentine (a good villain name in my opinion)

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    Yes I liked that one. Also a nice tip of the hat to the graphic design of Tomorrow Never Dies! 😄

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    Some Russian sayings:

    He who doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne

    One can’t have two deaths, but you can’t avoid one (A man can die but once; fortune favours the bold)

    If you’re scared of wolves, don’t go in the woods

    A word is silver, silence is gold.

    Without torture, no science

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    I think "He who doesn't take risks doesn't drink champagne" could work very well if they ever use the title Risico. Traditionally the movie title must be said in the movie, and someone mentioning this Russian proverb would be perfect!

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    Someone in MI6community suggested "Semper Occultus". It's the official motto of MI6 and means "Always secret". It would be easy to insert a line into the script that translated the title for the audience. Many Americans will understand the Latin title because they know "semper" from the US Marines motto "Semper Fi", so that's a bonus.

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    Didn't we have a rather good fan fiction with the brilliant and completely unrelatable [to NTTD] title OBSIDIAN MASQUERADE ?

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    I just heard the expression "beat the drum", in a documentary about Charles III of all places. I like it as a Bond title. It's usually used of a person who has a cause or an obsession. This can be both a villain or James Bond. The phrase sounds like it comes from the navy like Bond himself. It also makes me think of some threat or timeline that has to be beaten. The drum can even reference some machine or plan.

    Beat the drum

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    There are other naval expressions with potential, but I really like:

    Devil to pay

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    I recently found out Adolf Hitler was a big fan of Karl May's novels. Hitler had all his books, he ordered one of the novels to be printed in huge numbers for distribution among the troops and urged his generals on several occasions to read and learn from May. Hitler saw parallells between the "Aryan" colonizers taking over North American from the "sub-human" Native Americans and his own plans to colonize Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. It must be said that Karl May died in 1912 and can't be blamed for Hitler opinion on him or his works.

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    I like "Modus Operandi" as a Bond title. It can both speak of the villain's preferred methods and the way Bond's operates. The tagline "Nobody does it better" could be used in the promotion.

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    I'm watching the Poirot story "Sad cypres"on TV. The Norwegian title translated back into English is:

    Come to me, death

    I don't want a title containing the words "death" or "die" in Bond26 because of the ending of NTTD, but it does sound like Bond title. "Come to me, death" can point to someone with a death wish, but not necessarily their own death.

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    Reading up about Anthony Burgess (after the thread about his TSWLM draft script) I saw his biography was called You’ve Had Your Time, which sounded quite Bondy to me.

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    In a way it is, I see that. But the title can be seen to be about Bond, perhaps especially now.

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    A member of MI6Community suggested a title I like:

    Dark as day.

    The title does what Fleming liked to do - twisting a known expression into something new and interesting. Some of the movie could be set north of the Arctic Circle in the winter where days really are black. I remember during my national service there were days where less than one hour wasn't black.

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    Served in an Eggcup

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

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