Donk Drives An Aston ..... Naturally!



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    Ah I see: the CR film car panels won't fit a real DBS, gotcha.

    It's a bit of a tradition for Bond films to have pre-production prototypes in them: I think GoldenEye did, TWINE (which of course used a complete replica of the Z8 for some scenes because BMW couldn't supply the car in time as it was so new), No Time To Die has a sort of rolling model of the Valhalla; Casino Royale even had another one in it in the shape of the Mondeo! Plus you have Bond's V8 coupe in Living Daylights wearing Vantage badges when it wasn't really one.

    And the most famous of course is the DB5 in Goldfinger which originally wore the BMT 216A plate, which wasn't really a DB5 at all: it started life as a DB4 GT and was modified to become the DB5 protoype.

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