Bond and Madeleine's Whirlwind Romance

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A common complaint for thrillers is that they take place over a short period of time and that the hero and heroine/romantic interest don't get enough time to know each other before head into the sunset at the end.

Spectre had this fault too, and I wonder if this could have been fixed if the film had started with Bond already in a serious relationship with her.

Of course, that's what will happen in No Time to Die, but we expect it now. It would have been quite a twist to have that in SP, I think.

FRWL hinted at this with Bond's riverside dalliance with Sylvia Trench, but that seemed very casual and he seemed to forget about her awfully quickly :) A serious relationship from the start would be more of a rug-pull.

What y'all think?


  • Gassy ManGassy Man USAPosts: 2,972MI6 Agent
    Well, there's a difference between an affair or dalliance -- which is almost entirely what Bond engages in -- and a true romance. That has actually really only happened twice, with Casino Royale and On Her Majesty's Secret Service. And in each of those movies, while the romance was also truncated, there were montage scenes to suggest the development over a period of time. This is for the most part either missing in the other films or only hinted at. So, to me, Bond has only really been in love twice. The rest have been brief but convenient romances.
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