Matera - Filming locations

I’ve come to Matera for a short break and was hoping to check out some of the filming locations of NTTD.

With the film not being released sourcing anything online has proved difficult.

Does anyone know where I might find some?



  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 1,736MI6 Agent
    Hi J,

    Lucky you!

    My wife and I went to Matera last year (pre-filming) so with no film trailers or stills or any certain knowledge, I just made sure I saw as much of the town as possible and took soooo many photos. Even without the Bond connection Matera is a bucket list place to visit!

    I would suggest just watching the trailer and check out as many of the screen stills and behind the scenes footage as possible. It's not a huge place, so you'll soon figure out where filming to place - e.g. the cathedral square, view from the (mocked up hotel) balcony etc. Also, don't be afraid to ask the locals and Tourist Information will help out. (As a side, when I visited Glen Etive looking for the Skyfall DB5 road location, I gingerly asked in the local Tourist Information office a few miles away and the kind old lady behind the counter was super helpful and knew exactly where to send me). The Matera locals we stayed with were very excited about the upcoming filming of a Bond movie in their town, even though it has been used and seen so many times in feature films and TV before.

    If you can, you must try and get to Gravina (the bridge scene). Another stunning location. This was one location I knew would definitely be used so I made the most of my time on the bridge :007)

    I posted a few pics upon my return;

    Good luck and have a great holiday!

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    If you have twitter or instagram, try asking @SpringHouseSe. He knows all the locations.
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    You have the complete coverage (with maps, official maps of the production indeed) of the shooting here : (translate option at up-right pannel)
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    Wow I was going to suggest looking for the rubber marks on the floor :))

    Cheers :007)
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