007: All opening credits/title sequence girls & their identities so fa

So I compiled a list out of curiosity and thought I might share this as far as my knowledge goes. Here are the known girls that show up chronologically throughout the James Bond opening credits:

From Russia With Love:
Julie Mendez (Belly dancer)

Margaret Nolan (The famous golden girl)

Micky De Rauch, Christina Hayward (The girl with the ponytail swimming downwards on a red backdrop), Jean McGrath, Billie Bates and Rani Dube (All the known swimming girls)

You Only Live Twice:
Sylvana Henriques (Silhouette fan dancer)
Mai Ling (Japanese girl with traditional geisha hair, can be the only one seen whose visible against a volcanic backdrop)

Live and Let Die:
Joni Flynn (Brunette with long hair to waist, holding gun on a flaming background, only side view)

The Spy Who Loved Me:
Anna Noble (Brunette, one of the girls with a gun)
Carolyn Cheshire (Blonde, another girl with a gun, later appears in TMWTGG as the silhouette dancing girl against a sparking red background)
Perri Small (Also known as Penelope Smallbone, possibly the silhouette holding a Tommy gun)

For Your Eyes Only:
Sheena Easton (Only singer in titles, wearing a dress however)
Mary Stavin (Blonde, possibly her on the last frame? Or one of the silhouettes)

Ann Jackson (Blonde girl laying down with a gun shooting a laser'd 007 away from herself)

A View to Kill:
Toni White (Blonde girl unzipping jacket in intro)
Jilly Johnson (Dancing girl on scope, highlighted in red)

The Living Daylights:
Catrina Skepper (Girl with shades and gun, also shows up at the end resting on the martini cup)

License to Kill:
Diana Lee-Hsu (Asian, one of the only visible girls while also being highlighted in colors which you can see during the sequence of the girls jumping on cue with gunshot, also the girl wearing transparent clothing on a casino backdrop)

Moni, Nikki Grosse and Vanessa Lee (The three silhouette girls, dancing around on the reflected waters, rising out of guns, and later clothed to destroy the hammer and sickle near the end, all these girls are hard to identify however with little luck)
Natasha Wightman (The face you see after the title shows near the dancing girls and also the girl Bond chases after on the sickle)
Lidja (A Russian model playing the double-faced Janus, no known information on her)

The World is Not Enough
Heidi Carr (One of the silhouette girls on leather, possibly the one with the dripping face with eyes only)

Die Another Day:
Jacqui Ainsley (One of the girls wearing a green screen suit portraying a firey elemental girl)
Aiko Horuichi (Only her eyes are shown, as they wanted an evil stare similar to the Korean woman torturing Bond. I was lucky to get that information as the website containing that segment is now long gone)

Quantum of Solace:
Jessica Grist (The first girl that shows herself rising from the dunes on a rising sun backdrop, also one of the silhouette and sand dancers, there is a photo of her on the internet performing this)
Franky Wedge (One of the silhouette/sand dancers)

Ekaterina/Katya Zalitko (The first woman you see rising upward and one of the dancers in the double mirrored sequence)
Charlotte Edwards and Natasha (No known last name yet on the latter, but was confirmed to be pairing up with Charlotte)
Jarah Mariano (The girl with the gun pointed straight at the screen)

Mercedes Schindler (Blonde mirrored girl dancing with only backside shown in the intro)
Pip Phillips (Blonde girl near Bond at the end of the credits, and the last girl with the inky hair you see on the disappearing girls segment)
Jasmine Takacs (Girl in the octopus sequence with Bond)

Kim Mills (I heard it's probably Octopussy she showed up dancing around there, though this could be false)
Corrine Russell (Unknown silhouette from Octopussy?)

That's all I could find so far. Feel free to update these in the comments and maybe some BTS photos showcasing them. For example there is proof that someone owns the 35mm reels to the opening credits from Goldeneye but he's been ghosted for more than a decade. He has some of the reels scanned as you can find it here linking to a Google Site. Other than that, this took me WAY too long to find and compile so your welcome!


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    Thanks for sharing this! I do believe in acknowledging people. I'm glad to know there are names behind the bodies!
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    Diamonds Are Forever:
    Melita Clarke (Seen only as a face with diamonds in intro)
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    I’ve always wanted to know these details, thank you. Now off to do some Googling!
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    Great work! Congratulations and thanks!
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    Excellent research, thanks.
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    Let me add my thanks for the list and the research behind it.

    I wonder if anyone can name the woman from the Tomorrow Never Dies opening credits who wears the diamonds around her neck as the credits read "music by David Arnold."
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