Skyfall Tetbury and Solace Ryder chukka - midrange alternatives

I know most people tend to either want the screen accurate version or a much cheaper budget alternative. But for people looking for a mid-range alternative I came across the following:

Skyfall Crocket & Jones Tetbury alternative

Loake Pimlico in black calf leather.
These are half the price of the C&J Tetbury's while still being English made shoes (not all Loakes are made in England anymore although these seem to be). They are very similar, being on a fairly sleek last, black calf uppers and a Dainite sole.The toe box is not quite as chiselled. They are hand made in the UK.

Loake also sell a Pimlico in brown leather which is similar to the Crocket and Jones Molton but unfortunately is in smooth leather rather than rough out suede.

Quantum of Solace Church Ryder alternative

Herring Canterbury in dark brown suede. These are a two eyelet chukka with a Dainite sole, similar to the Church Ryder III but at a much lower cost. Made in Portugal.


  • JB1106340JB1106340 Posts: 246MI6 Agent
    Thanks for this! I also saw these Quantum alternatives on Iconic Alternatives and if you use the code GIN20 at checkout it takes 20% off the price
  • Hold CommandHold Command LondonPosts: 317MI6 Agent
    I have the Loake pimlico in Dark Brown and really like them, it never even occurred to me to pick up the Black ones as a skyfall alternative! Good thinking -{.

  • JoviusJovius Albuquerque, NMPosts: 39MI6 Agent
    edited February 25
    These are great! I'll have to put in a good word for my friends at Spier & Mackay and Beckett Simonon though.

    Spier & Mackay Mocca Chukka (Code 36Y6GH for 20% off)

    Beckett Simonon Ellis

    Only minor downside of Beckett is that they don't have studded soles (Dainite-type) even on their footwear that have rubber soles.
  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,477MI6 Agent
    I too have the Loake Pimlico in brown. It is a beautiful boot. I also have the Canterburys. You can't tell from the pictures on the Herring site, but the toe of the Canturbury is longer and more pointed than the Church Ryders.
  • cmdr_bongcmdr_bong AustraliaPosts: 189MI6 Agent

    I concur with the Loake Pimlico. I have a pair in brown suede that mimics the Church Ryder III, and they are just a joy to wear.

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