Nailing down the screen accurate Skyfall Barbour jacket size.

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Hope everyone has been keeping well amidst the current difficulty out there, I am sure we a closer to normality than we were this time last year.

I was wondering if anyone on AJB has confirmed knowledge on what size Barbour jacket DC wore in Skyfall?

I am beyond certain multiple sizes were picked up from Barbour for different scenes i.e. stunt scenes requiring extra padding or wet suits to be worn underneath clothing. However, does anyone know what size was worn generally in the close up shots? Outside the obvious visual alternations to the original I don't doubt the original

was also tailored in the body for a better fit.

I purchased a Beacon jacket back in 2013 directly from a Barbour store near my old workplace. I felt it was fate as they only had one left (it was in a large). I just over 6ft 2'' and had a 36'' chest at the time. It was huge on me and I ultimately sold it. Hitting the gym (coupled with the inevitability of getting older) I bulked up and am now a 40'' chest picked up a medium in 2018. Visually it looked fine but feels like I am wearing barbed wire under my arm pits, also I fail the typical cross your arms over jacket comfort test. I have now gone full circle and re-ordered a large, which I am waiting to arrive.

I have reached out to Jany Temime today and am hoping she may respond but it's a long shot and it is project she worked on almost a decade ago (time flies). If she responds I will be sure to share her knowledge on the post. However, perhaps someone on AJB owns a screen used jacket or someone has rare pictures of a screen used jacket sold off at auction? It would be great to nail down a definitive answer.

I have included a headless picture me in my medium, without and without my hands in my pockets so you can get a better idea of the true fit on me. Believe me when I say the armpits are digging up high into me.

Many thanks in advance to all those who acknowledge and respond to my post.

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  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent
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    Craig wore a standard Medium for most of the scenes. Completely unaltered fitting wise and straight off the shelf. But remember that this was very slightly different to the later Commander and Beacon jackets which were subtly altered to make them look more fitted as they did on Craig. There’s not much in it, but that’s probably why yours is tight under the armpit. They also changed linings from the original.

  • Mr_JonesMr_Jones SloughPosts: 8MI6 Agent

    Many thanks Asp9mm for your swift response. I suppose when you factor in DC’s height a medium does make sense. Over the years I’ve begun to think it’s more camera angles and lighting to make DC look bigger/broader than he actually is.

    I think if I was around 5ft 10’’ the medium would be fine and not be so tight in the arm pits, on account of his height I suspect DC didn’t have the issue. It’s a real dilemma as you’re forcing yourself to size up to sizes you don’t normally buy for the added comfort.

    Many thanks again.


  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent

    DC is loads smaller than people realise.

    You and I are similar sizes. I’m 6ft 2” and 40” chest, but a Medium fits me perfectly. Why don’t you send your M to Barbour to be altered slightly. I think a Large is still going to be too big unless you wear bulkier mid layer jumpers. I have one I use for deep winter for just that.

  • SamFSamF Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Borrowing your thread here a bit but I have been interested in this jacket for a long time now and will probably make the purchase at some point. Really having an issue choosing the correct size though. The medium looks like a good fit on you, but I’m 5’ 8” with a 38-39” chest. I’m afraid the medium would be too long on me. Sleeves definitely so but they can be easily altered. Knowing the tricky fit of these I’m afraid small would be too small. Any owners of this jacket with similar measurements?

    For reference, I’m wearing small in Billy Reid’s peacoat (great screen accurate fit, got the sleeves shortened) and medium in Royale harrington and Mr. White jacket (both with shortened sleeves).

  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent

    You should still go for a medium. You’re closer to Craig’s size than we are so should fit you as it fitted him. His was longer in the arms and body due to his height. A small will be way too tight across the shoulders and chest.

  • SamFSamF Posts: 18MI6 Agent

    Thank you for the insigth! Chest area was exactly what I was afraid of, will definitely go for the medium when the time is right and get sleeves shortened. Doesn’t look too long on Craig either.

  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent

    You might find that the sleeves are fine as they are.

  • Mr_JonesMr_Jones SloughPosts: 8MI6 Agent

    Hi all,

    In regards to SamF's question I agree entirely with Asp9mm. I'd personally go with the medium based on your measurements. Barbour themselves recommend sizing up due to the fit of the jacket. Thank you for your kind words on the pictures I shared.

    My large arrived earlier today from Country Attire (it is currently on sale at £270 vs the normal £399 rrp). The fit was incredibly baggy in the chest and tummy area and it no longer looked fitted (to be expected) the sleeves we noticeably longer. The overall length is meant to be ever so slightly longer but I didn't notice it myself. Whilst I acknowledge I could get it tailored I believe it wouldn't make much of a difference as the armpits are still an issue on the large, whilst less painful you could still feel it cutting in the pits. I don't believe a tailor would alter the arm pit area (my personal one won't touch it but perhaps Barbour are able to) but it would be a major remodel on the large with all the necessary alterations to also get the fit in the body and sleeves the medium had. I think the cost vs. satisfaction ratio isn't worth it for me personally as it isn't a jacket I wear regularly.

    I have decided to grin and bare the pain of pulling off the Bond look in the medium and just accept it is the way the jacket is - ah the things we do to emulate the wardrobe choices of Bond eh?

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,091MI6 Agent

    I have the To Ki To. don't think you can understate what an odd-fitting jacket the original is. High arm holes, narrow shoulders, wide hips. Maybe the sizing has been standardized in the subsequent iterations. But it's not a design that works on all bodies, even the contemporary version, I bet.

  • cmdr_bongcmdr_bong AustraliaPosts: 189MI6 Agent

    I am of similar measurements to you Mr_Jones (6'0, 40 chest, Medium), and I cannot imagine going up to a size large for this jacket. The shoulder sits very slim, and the high armhole takes abit getting used to. But once I did I am glad I stuck it out with a medium. The only real complaints I have are:

    • Sleeve lenght is abit short on my gorilla arms (I usually need at least 25.5in in sleeves, from shoulder seam to cuff), but it's not a deal breaker, and
    • The god-forsaken liner that turn this jacket into a green-house at even a slight rise in temperature, or any kind of physical exertion in it. I really really have to plan out the day in order to wear this (I live in Sydney Australia, not exactly known for frigid weather), in that if there is even a slight chance of the mercury hitting 20C I will have to choose something else to wear, lest I want to be swimming in my own percipitation 😅

    Overall I'm still extremely glad I'd picked this jacket up. This is one piece that truly screams BOND.

  • Mr_JonesMr_Jones SloughPosts: 8MI6 Agent

    In response to Cheverian I believe Barbour wanted to capitalise as much as possible on the limited edition with the standardised re-issue that the fit was consistent between the To Ki To and the Commander. Although, that is my opinion and by no means verified. I don't own the To Ki To but would have certainly picked one up back in 2012 if I could have, I agree entirely that regardless of iteration that the jacket is beyond words on how the strange the fit is.

    It is strange though as pre-Bond you would see Barbour jackets worn (notably the wax jackets) worn in an oversized means i.e. the Royal family. I had not seen a fitted wax jacket from Barbour pre Skyfall but then again the brand wasn't on my radar until the 'Bond effect' kicked in.

    In response fo cmdr_bong. I agree, the large was not for me (I have owned a large twice now and on both occasions felt it wasn't for me). I don't have any trouble with the sleeve length but I agree that the choice of lining was abysmal, particularly at the price point of the jacket. There is no logical regulation of body temperature at all, which is ironic when the jacket comes from a brand with over 100 years experience in making functional outdoor wear.

    Ditto - I am happy I own it and happy that I know a medium even with the cons is still the right size for me.

  • llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 33MI6 Agent

    I owned both medium and small and ended up selling the small. I'm a medium in almost all the jackets except Levis Menlo. I'm 5'9 with 39 chest. I think the commander beacon jacket is true to size. This is not a jacket you want to really layer underneath. It's not designed to be an overcoat to begin with. The N Peal jumper is super lightweight and thin which made it work. Daniel Craig's screen used suits are only size 38 so a medium would make sense.

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