How To View New Content You Are Interested In

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The new forum brings some difference to how new content is being surfaced and it is causing some issues. Here are a few tips on how best to use the new software. I will try and address any concerns you may have.

It is important to note that most of these features require you to be logged in, if you nip on the site without logging in the software has no idea you may have already viewed something.

Too Many New Discussion or Posts

This seems to be a side effect of migrating an old forum to the new software. Basically, the new software doesn't know what you have already rear or are interested in from the old forum. Therefore everything is new.

The first thing to do is read what you want to on this visit then click the 'Mark All Viewed' link in the top navigation bar. This should let the new forum know you've read everything even if you're not interested in it.

Newest Replies in Categories (Forums)

The old forum used to have a link next to discussions (topics) which would take you to the newest posts. In this software, the main discussion link does the same thing without the need for two links. If you are logged in and have viewed a discussion already (on the new forum, unfortunately, it doesn't know if you have viewed it on the old forum) clicking the link to view it again will take you to your first unread post.

The link has a special '#latest' tag on the end which causes the forum to hunt for the newest post since you last visited the discussion.

I am working on adding a link to the last page(s) alongside the discussion title as the old forum used to have the pages.

Newest Discussions

To keep on top of the newest discussion & replies across the whole forum the easiest way is the new 'Discussions' link in the top navigation. This shows you a list of all discussions (topics) with activity, whether it be a new discussion or a reply.

If your list is full of announcements please see the point above and 'Mark All Viewed'. There should only ever be one or two permanent announcements at the top of this list. You will see other announcements from the individual categories (forums) as and when they have new content.

Newest Replies to My Discussions

On the right-hand menu, you have links that are more personal to you, including the 'My Discussions' link, this shows you your discussions (posts), again in date order of the last reply.

Following Categories (Forums) You Are Interested In

There is an option for you to follow individual categories (forums) and only see posts from these categories. Please note that this may limit what you see, however it does not stop you from browsing the forum in a more traditional fashion.

Firstly you must follow the categories you are interested in, go into the individual categories and at the top next to the category title is a 'Follow' link. Click this and you will be 'subscribed' to the forum.

How to View Your Followed Categories

To view only the content you are following you can either filter the main list of categories (forums) on the home page, or filter the discussion on the 'Recent Discussions' page.

At the top under the title is a drop-down box with options for 'All' or 'Following', select 'Following' and you will only see new content in the categories you have subscribed to.

This option will be remembered every time you visit as long as you are logged in.

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