Barton Perreira x 007 "The Legacy Collection"

Barton Perreira is entering into a global licensing agreement with EON Productions to introduce additional eyewear collections over the next three years. EON is the production company for James Bond films. This is the second arrangement between the two companies, as Barton Perreira is the eyewear partner featured in the upcoming James Bond film, No Time To Die slated to be released in October. The Barton Perreira x 007 collection consists of three sunglass styles: Joe, Norton, and Courtier which will be featured on-screen on the principal characters in the film.

Under the new terms, Barton Perreira will work with EON to develop “The Legacy Collection,” which are reimagined eyewear styles inspired by the vintage Bond films. “We are delighted to continue our relationship with EON Productions to develop more eyewear collections for the Bond franchise," said Bill Barton, co-founder and CEO of Barton Perreira. "Our latest agreement follows the exceptional success of the Barton Perreira x 007 collection. We look forward to bringing our customers and Bond fans more ways to engage with the movies through our eyewear.”

Additional details regarding the collections will be announced in the coming months, he said.


  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent

    They’ll have a long way to go to compete with the offerings from Curry and Paxton. And I bet they have the 007 on them too 😕

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 881MI6 Agent

    That will be interesting - also I have the Curry and Paxton 'sean' glasses which are fantastic, and I wear and like as much as the PB Joe's, the Curry and Paxton are better value. Lets see what they release :-)

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 1,946MI6 Agent

    I think we all know what's coming...

  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,711MI6 Agent

    Brilliant 😃

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