AJB Interview with Aston Martin

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Our next interview is not with a person, but with an icon.

I don't think many would argue about Aston Martins, particularly the DB5 pictured above, being one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about the 007 films.

Please submit questions below for the present day company about their cars and their James Bond connection. If more than 12 questions come in, then I'll have to make some choices and of course my decision is final. I never joke about my work, 007....



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    How early (if at all) do yourselves and Eon discuss about which AM to use in the next Bond film?

    Have Eon ever asked for something specific that you haven’t been able to accommodate?

    When the Bond franchise had their ‘German dalliance’ during most of the Brosnan years, did you think AM’s time with Bond had passed? Did AM actively seek out getting back into the Bond franchise or did discussions just naturally follow on from Eon using the DB5 again?

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    Is it correct that the replica DB5 announced a couple of years ago has sold out?

    And if so, are there plans to make more?

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    (And if so, how many of my children would you like in exchange?)

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    Thanks Barbel. Should be interesting.

    I would ask (and I'm not sure how to word it diplomatically) isn't having four Aston Martin cars in one film just a bit OTT? 😁

    With the demise of Bond in Motion, have they thought about having a dedicated Aston Martin museum at Gaydon where their historic cars and some (or exact copies) of the Bond Astons could be permanently on display?

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    I've sent the questions off and will post the answers when I receive them.

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    Do you think AM will produce one or more electric models in the future?

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