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There is a lot of great subtle CGI in Spectre. But one thing that I always wondered was how they did the shot of Madeleine and Bond walking through Tangier. There are a few set photos of Craig and Seydoux in Tangier, so they definitely filmed there. However, we know that the opening shot of Tangier was actually filmed in Rome! Did they then secretly hide an edit in the camera panning down to them walking? The alternative is that the below frame of Craig and Seydoux was also filmed in Rome.

Looking at the grill over the window, I'd say that Craig and Seydoux filmed in Rome.....


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    You asked if they secretly hid an edit in the camera panning down. I'll ask you a similar yet different question. In the PTS of Spectre, did you notice and edits in the first 5 or 6 minutes of the film? That opening shot was filmed in three different sequences, yet edited together to look like one long tracking shot. It's amazing what editors can do. A little off topic, but released. Have you ever seen Wolf Of Wall Street? Do you know how much CGI is in that film? Check out the video below to see how subtle some CGI can be:


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    I thought that that shot was in Rome too, but it actually was in Tangier. They did adjust the view in the background a bit though.

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    Oh....wait. So the shot was always in Tangier and they just changed the background to insert 'Romantic Moroccan scenery'? Perhaps the CGI artist who was interviewed was just mistaken. I also found this set photo and does appear that it was shot on location. Unless this is just a street in Rome dressed to look like Tangier - which I doubt.

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    Oh did a CG artist say that in an interview? I wondered where I'd got the idea it was in Rome from! :)

    I suppose a CG artist wouldn't need to know where the original plate was shot! :D It does appear from that link I posted that it's definitely on the Escalier Waller steps in Tangier though.

    The effects stuff in these movies is pretty amazing though; a lot of it you really wouldn't notice. Did you know for example that the car blown up outside Skyfall Lodge wasn't an Aston Martin DB5 but actually a (not massively similar!) Porsche 928?

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    I think you're right. The tree and building behind are the same. But it looks as though the set dressers wanted the shot to look more like a cliched version of Morroco - hence the market, the draped carpets and more exotic background.

    The more invisible CGI is the stuff that both impresses and perplexes me. There really is no point with some of these shots. You see a lot fo it in David Fincher's more recent films. I guess I understand why a filmmaker would do it. You want the shot to be 'perfect' and CGI allows you to perfect every single frame.

    I actually think the more 'visible' CGI in Skyfall was actually the biggest sticking point for me....the helicopters in particular

    Also, I was shocked by the amount of CGI in NTTD's trailer. Some of it just looks ropey and Marvel-esque.....But I'll reserve judgement. I think perhaps Fukunaga is still experimenting with all the toys at his disposal.

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    Yes those helicopters did look a bit unreal! Although weirdly there was something about the heightened reality of that scene (the way they essentially creep up on Silva especially!) that made me not mind it for some reason.

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