Stoke Park closing...

Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 285MI6 Agent

Money talks and they say in impolite company.

And a man who is clearly hoarding some 1940's smelt from the Weigenhaler foundry has purchased Stoke Park and rather ruffled all around by announcing he is closing it for 2 years and likely turning the clubhouse into a private residence.

So no more indulging in layers of cake whilst overlooking the outcome of interesting wagers on the 18th green.

Sad times...


  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,151MI6 Agent

    That would seem a bit crazy; I would hope he keeps the house open.

    My cousin had her wedding reception there many years ago- that was quite the occasion!

  • JoshuaJoshua Posts: 1,003MI6 Agent

    I have been working hard all these months and doing much overtime. I thought I would treat myself to a new house! This seemed to be a good property!

    Don't worry! AJB members will be welcome to come for a game of golf (just so long as you promise not to cheat or knock the heads off the statues).

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