Issues with Benson & Clegg tie slider

For anyone who has purchased the Benson & Clegg tie slider does it keep sliding off your shirt when you wear it with a tie?


  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 102MI6 Agent

    I have used mine 3 or 4 times so far and in my experience it stays where it is placed.

  • 007Downunder007Downunder Hobart, Australia Posts: 304MI6 Agent

    Hi I bought one last year and it slipped off a couple of times . On the last occasion in the street and whilst I found it I stopped wearing it.

    I just bought another and on comparing the 2 the one I got last year had a far wider gap hence wouldn’t stay on.

    I don’t know if I accidentally stretched it ( doubtful ) or if I got a bad one. Fingers crossed it certainly looks great.

  • Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,527MI6 Agent

    The tie needs to be of a certain thickness for it to work at its best. My ties are all sorts of thickness, and for many the slide won’t even go on!

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