007: The City of the Dead - James Bond Is Back In Action! (Fan Production)

The Story

Minister of Antiquities Farook Khan has managed to bring world leaders to the table for his Global Conference on Antiquities in a bid to regain Egypt's loss treasures from the Western powers...

....meanwhile, thousands of Egyptian coins and treasures are illegally being smuggled into the heart of Europe, flooding the markets. The profits: being used by an unknown organization to fund their terror and spy operations in Africa and Europe.

James Bond's pursuit of Adolf Gettler leads him to Cairo where he crosses paths with Egyptian intelligence officer Major Zahra Sayid. With relations between the two nations at their lowest - they have no choice but to partner to catch Gettler and prevent the funds from getting into the wrong hands. But as they dig deeper, they quickly uncover a plot that will change the global order forever.

From the top of the pyramids at Giza to the ancient tombs of the City of the Dead, Bond takes on his most dangerous and thrilling assignment to date!

The Cast

David Wigram as James Bond

Lauren Berk Wheelock as Major Zahra Sayid

Finley Dabin as Farook Khan and Lord

Graham Tucker as Captain Ingraham

Jason Rockwell as Adolf Gettler

Haydin Minns as the Conference Secretary

Jaron Cohen as the Guard

Wandering Voice Actor as the Robber

Alex C. Stewart as the Narrator


The Crew

Based on characters by Ian Fleming

Radioplay by Michael Higgins and David Wigram

Produced and directed by Michael Higgins

The City of the Dead is an unofficial non-profit audio drama that is in no way associated with MGM, United Artists, Sony, Universal, EON Productions or Ian Fleming Publications. James Bond 007 is a registered trademark of DANJAQ, LLC.

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