For Your Eyes Only - the other tape recorder used in the movie

Dodge101Dodge101 Posts: 53MI6 Agent

Hello, some time ago I purchased from auction what appears to be the other tape recorder used in the movie For Your Eyes Only, it is the tape recorder that is held by Columbo on his ship playing the recorded message back to Bond of the threat to kill him.

The tape recorder I purchased is a Philips LFH 0320. I've included pictures of the tape recorder and a movie screenshot of the tape recorder being held by Columbo. To me the tape recorder I purchased looks the same as the one in the movie, what do you members think? it's the same type also? I also have a Philips LFH 0195 that I put along side the Philips LFH 0320 for colour reference. As you can see, both have the same brushed aluminium metal and brown plastic surround.

As for the Philips LFH 0320, I have been unable to find any information about it, no instruction manuals, no promotional images, no sales literature, nothing. Does anyone know anything about this machine and why there appears to be nothing online about it.

kind regards


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