Cumbria Crystal Tumblers (possibly) in Die Another Day & The World Is Not Enough

Cumbria Crystal, an English glassware company, is known to be featured in Casino Royale:

I think that I have found their products in the two previous Bond films too.

At the beginning of Die Another Day's VR training scene, Bond sits at his desk cleaning his gun with a glass of whisky in front of him.

The glass on the desk seems to be a match for Cumbria Crystal's Helvellyn range:

In The World Is Not Enough, Bond meets M after the Thames boat chase and they drink whisky together.

The glasses here resemble Cumbria Crystal's Windermere range:

I emailed Cumbria Crystal a few days ago to ask if they had any information about the glasses, but I I have not had a reply. The glass in Die Another Day looks too closely like the Helvellyn one to be anything else, but I am not certain, hence the 'possibly' in the thread title.

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